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E-cadherin and gastric cancerChan, OO; Wong, BCY200398
E-cadherin expression is commonly downregulated by CpG island hypermethylation in esophageal carcinoma cellsSi, HX; Tsao, SW; Lam, KY; Srivastava, G; Liu, Y; Wong, YC; Shen, ZY; Cheung, ALM2001145
E-cadherin expression is silenced by DNA methylation in cervical cancer cell lines and tumoursChen, CL; Liu, SS; Ip, SM; Wong, LC; Ng, TY; Ngan, HYS2003127
E-cadherin in gastric cancerChan, AOO200617
E-cadherin in gastric cancerChan, On-on, Annie.; 陳安安.2004804
E-cadherin upregulation as a therapeutic goal in cancer treatmentHoward, EW; Camm, KD; Wong, YC; Wang, XH2008140
E-health and the Universitas 21 organization: 4. Professional portabilityGoldberg, MA; Sharman, Z; Bell, B; Ho, K; Patil, N2005121
The E1 sequence of bovine adenovirus type 3 and complementation of human adenovirus type 5 E1A function in bovine cellsZheng, B; Mittal, SK; Graham, FL; Prevec, L199466
E2F1 is not essential for apoptosis induced by potassium deprivation in cerebellar granule neuronsYuan, Z; Mei, Y; Zhou, J; Tan, M; Song, B; Ma, C; Ying, C; Li, D; Ching, YP; Li, M2007185
The E3 ligase TRAF6 regulates the insulin-sensitizing actions of the adaptor protein APPL1 through ubiquitinationCheng, KY; Lam, KSL; Xu, A2011242
The E3 ubiquitin ligase Rnf8 stabilizes Tpp1 to promote telomere end protectionRai, R; Li, JM; Zheng, H; Lok, GTM; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY; Chen, J; Jin, J; Chang, S2011145
E3 ubiquitin ligase WWP1 - An intracellar target for aptameric inhibitionTucker, WO; Tanner, JA201263
E4BP4 overexpression: a protective mechanism in CD4+ T cells from SLE patientsZhao, M; Liu, Q; Liang, G; Wang, L; Luo, S; Tang, Q; Zhao, H; Su, Y; Yung, SSY; Chan, DTM; Lu, Q201330
Ear piercing: A review on the legislative regulations and potential health hazards; its relevance to family physiciansPoon, AMS; Mak, ASY2005537
Earlier appearance and higher incidence of the rectoanal relaxation reflex in patients with imperforate anus repaired with laparoscopically assisted anorectoplastyLin, CL; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Chen, CC; Tam, PKH2003111
The earliest notes on the reproduction number in relation to herd immunity: Theophil Lotz and smallpox vaccinationNishiura, H; Dietz, K; Eichner, M200687
Early activation of caspase-3 by beta-amyloid peptides (25-35, 1-42) stimulates the activation of double-stranded RNA-regulated protein kinase and cleavage of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alphaChang, RCC; Suen, KC; Lin, KF; Hugon, J200275
Early activation of macrophages leads to accelerated immune responses in small-for-size allografts (Abstract)Yang, ZF; Yang, YQ; Chu, ACY; Ho, DWY; Fan, ST200364
Early Activation of the Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus RTA, RAP, and MTA Promoters by the Tetradecanoyl Phorbol Acetate-Induced AP1 PathwayWang, SE; Wu, FY; Chen, H; Shamay, M; Zheng, Q; Hayward, GS2004348
Early age-dependent growth impairment in chronic renal failureKarlberg, J; Schaefer, F; Hennicke, M; Wingen, AM; Rigden, S; Mehls, O; Rätch, I; Michelis, K; Kapogiannis, T; Jung, F; Lennert, T; Gellert, S; Tulassay, T; Sallay, P; Von Lilien, T; Michalk, D; Von WendtGöknur, MA; Bonzel, KE; Gusmano, R; Verrina, E; Offner, G; Mehls, O; Wingen, AM; FabianBach, C; Appiani, A; Bettinelli, A; Feber, J; Rizzoni, G; Picca, S; Stolpe, HJ; Wigger, M; Kistvan Holthe, J; Wolff, E; Berg, U; Fischbach, M; Dobos, E; Balzar, E; Neuhaus, T199688
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