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A bacteriological and immunological study of human salmonella infections, with special reference to Hong KongChau, Pak-yin.; 周伯燕.19754,723
A biochemical study of mammalian x chromosome inactivationLam, Tak-sum.; 林德深1987474
A biochemical study of thyrotoxic periodic paralysisAu, Kwok-shing.; 歐國城1976403
A biomechanical study of common mallet finger fracture fixation techniquesWong, Hin-keung.; 王顯強2008348
A brief review of the pharmacology of coriolus vesicolor (Yun Zhi) andthe determination of heavy metal contents in Yun Zhi products in HongKongLeung, Pak-yip.; 梁柏業.2000210
A case control study of the referral pattern and patient non-attendance in medical and surgical specialist outpatient clinics inHong KongYeung, Sze-ying.; 楊思瑩.2005229
A case control study on infant outcomes in subjects with diabetes mellitus in pregnancyTam, Y. M.; 譚月明2002214
A case control study on smoking, alcohol drinking and other risk factors of coronary heart disease in Hong KongChung, Siu-fung; 鍾少鳳2000850
A case management model in the halfway house services of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong: apreliminary study of effectivenessYeung, Pin-mui, Maggie.; 楊冰梅.2006341
A case series of community-acquired pneumonia in a regional hospital in Hong KongYeung, Yiu-cheong.; 楊耀昌.2006400
A case-control study on passive smoking and coronary heart disease in never-smoking women in Xi'an, ChinaHe, Yao.; 何耀1997248
A case-control study with risk factors analysis of tuberculosis patients of the floating population in GuangzhouLi, Dapeng; 李大鵬2009309
A cell surfaceome map for immunophenotyping and sorting pluripotent stem cellsGundry, RL; Riordon, DR; Tarasova, Y; Chuppa, S; Bhattacharya, S; Juhasz, O; Wiedemeier, O; Milanovich, S; Noto, FK; Tchernyshyov, I; Raginski, K; Bausch-Fluck, D; Tae, H-J; Marshall, S; Duncan, SA; Wollscheid, B; Wersto, RP; Rao, S; Van Eyk, JE; Boheler, KR201216
A clinical and epidemiological study of carcinoma of lung in HongKongLam, Wah-kit.; 林華杰1985193
A clinical audit of mammography screeningKan, Sik-yau, Anita.; 簡適悠2008297
A clinical audit on Caesarean section indications and outcomesChung, Pui-yi, Rebecca.; 鍾佩儀.2003558
A clinical guideline for helping smoker parents to reduce their children's exposure to environmental tobacco smokeCheng, Shan-shan.; 鄭珊珊2008257
A clinical guideline for identifying intimate partner abuse in women'shealth services in Hong KongWoo, Sin-ping.; 鄔倩萍.2012204
A clinical guideline for management of lymphoedema using nurse-led manual lymphatic drainage therapyTang, Kit-sum; 鄧潔心201372
A clinical guideline for using acupressure to reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting in adult surgical patientsLau, Pui-kwan.; 劉姵君.2011373
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