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W v Registrar of Marriages and the right to equality in Hong KongLoper, K2011711
Wang Xuanhui. Taxation in China 1997/98: Book ReviewsHalkyard, AJ1998312
Wang's Business Law of ChinaLiu, N1998121
The Way Forward for Promoting Awareness of Space Law in Asia: A Proposal for Institutional Capacity BuildingZhao, Y201184
Wedding PlanningHo, L201343
Weiquan (rights protection) lawyering in an authoritarian state: Building a culture of public-interest lawyeringFu, H; Cullen, R2008117
Well-intentioned Asian Bond Fund Won't WorkLejot, PL; Arner, DW2004125
Western constitutionalism in Southeast Asia: Some historical and comparative observationsChen, AHY201075
Western humanistic thought and the spirit of modern lawChen, AHY199589
What can the US system of financial arbitration learn from overseas jurisdictions? An initial responsive empirical explorationAli, S201281
What caused the multiplicity of international courts and tribunals?Tiba, FK200681
What Chinese lawyers sayXu, Y200935
What Counts as Evidence of Opinio Juris?Lim, CL; Elias, OA201329
What drives reforms in local people's congresses?: the dynamics of local congressional developments in PRC :1979-2011Sun, Ying; 孙莹201165
What is 'high quality, twenty-first century' anyway?Lim, CL; Elms, DK; Low, P201228
What is to be done with export restrictions?Lim, CL201241
What Law Cannot Give: 'From The Queen to the Chief Executive'Cheung, ASY200367
What Law Cannot Give: From the Queen to the Chief ExecutiveCheung, ASY200396
What next in HK property market? (in Chinese)Goo, SH201297
What other competitors in this region have done: recent developments in Malaysia and SingaporeGoo, SH200272
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