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The Validity Of Arbitration Agreements -- Critical Comparison Between Hong Kong SAR And Mainland ChinaGu, W; Liu, X2005143
Validity of Arbitration Clauses: The Latest DevelopmentChan, FWH; Zhao, L2008156
Vallejos Evangeline B. v Commissioner of Registration: why foreign domestic helpers do not have the right of abodeYap, PJ2011446
The Value of Taxing the Value Added: Combating VAT Evasion in Mainland China in Comparison with the EUXu, Y201177
The Varieties of Law In ChinaFu, H2011168
Vattel's natural liberty of conscience of nations in a new age of belief and faithCarty, JA201184
Vattel, 17th Century Wars of Religion and the PresentCarty, JA2010123
Vendor and purchaser summons: alive and well in Hong KongMerry, M2010318
Vendor's remedies for failure to completeAitken, LJW200799
Venture capital and the corporate governance of Chinese listed companiesZhang, Lin; 张琳2010423
Vocational Legal Education in Asia - Innovation, Interaction and Information TechnologyChow, WS; Ng, HKM201316
Voyage CharterpartyChan, FWH201334
Vulnerable Sureties in a Finance Centre: How will the Courts in Hong Kong Respond to the Principle in Barclays Bank v O'Brien?Ho, L1996148
W v Registrar of Marriages and the right to equality in Hong KongLoper, K2011712
Wang Xuanhui. Taxation in China 1997/98: Book ReviewsHalkyard, AJ1998312
Wang's Business Law of ChinaLiu, N1998122
The Way Forward for Promoting Awareness of Space Law in Asia: A Proposal for Institutional Capacity BuildingZhao, Y201185
Wedding PlanningHo, L201344
Weiquan (rights protection) lawyering in an authoritarian state: Building a culture of public-interest lawyeringFu, H; Cullen, R2008117
Well-intentioned Asian Bond Fund Won't WorkLejot, PL; Arner, DW2004125
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