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Unauthorized and Damaging Disclosure of Protected Information: A Comment on the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill 2003Chan, JMM200394
Unbalanced food safety regime in ChinaZheng, G201073
Unconscionability and Performance BondsYap, JL201341
Unconscionability and Performance BondsYap, JL201227
'Unconstituted publics'?Veitch, TS201269
Unconventional security devices and their enforcement on insolvencyDavies, Iwan R; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law.1992155
Undermining our judicial independence and autonomyCheung, ETM201193
Undermining Our Rights and AutonomyCheung, E1997152
Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong(Book Review)Whitfort, AS2009144
Understanding Public Interest Litigation in Hong KongYap, PJ2008192
Understanding Public Interest Litigation in Hong KongYap, PJ2008151
Undue Influence and Equitable CompensationHo, LKS1999108
Undue Influence and Equitable Compensation (accepted for publication)Ho, LKS199995
Undue influence and testamentary dispositions: an equitable jurisdiction in probate law?Mason, LC2011310
Undue influence: a Hong Kong perspectiveHo, L2009432
Undue Influence: When and How it Matters to Banks and SolicitorsHo, LKS2002138
Uneasy co-existence: the impact of a Freedom of Information Act on the Official Secrets ActChong, Ying-fat, Theodore; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law.1992166
An unexpected breakthrough in Hong Kong's constitutional reformChen, AHY2010203
An Unexpected Chapter Two of Hong Kong’s Constitution: New Players and New StrategiesTai, BYT200887
Unfair prejudice and judicial ingenuityLim, WKE201339
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