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Safeguarding the Independence and Integrity of the Cambodian Extraordinary ChambersLinton, S200672
Safety management systemsMcInnis, JA1997268
Safety mattersMcInnis, JA1999185
Salaries TaxHalkyard, AJ1998223
Salaries Tax TipsHalkyard, AJ1999387
The Sale and Purchase of Uncompleted Flats in Hong KongLee, ASC200888
Sale of Goods in Scotland - Repairing Defects in the Law: J&H Ritchie Ltd v Lloyd Ltd [2007] JBL 807Loi, KCF2007161
The same difference: Protecting same-sex couples under the domestic violence ordinanceKapai, P2009270
'The same difference: protecting same-sex couples under the Domestic Violence Ordinance', Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 1, pp. 1-33Paryani, PK2011236
A Same Game with Different Rules: Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions in the People's Republic of ChinaZhang, XC2001199
The SAR Constitution: Law or Politics?Wesley-Smith, P199773
Saving the WTO from the Risk of Irrelevance: The DSU as a Common Good for RTAsGao, HS; Lim, CL200883
Saving the WTO from the risk of Irrelevance: The WTO dispute settlement mechanism as a 'common good' for RTA disputesGao, H; Lim, CL2008113
Saving the WTO from the risk of irrelevance: the WTO dispute settlement mechanism as a common good for RTA disputesGao, HS; Lim, CL201089
The Scheme for Construction ContractsMcInnis, JA1997229
Schemes of Arrangement, Reconstruction and AmalgamationGoo, SH1997108
Scientific and Character Education of ChildrenAli, S201160
Scrapping Hong Kong Legislation: An International Law PerspectiveMushkat, R199769
Screening the law in China: law, image and evidence in three documentaries on HIV/AIDS cases by Ai XiaomingWan, M201264
Search and Seizure of Journalistic Material: the Sing Tao Daily CaseLi, ASY; Lui, A2005177
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