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The Paradigm Shift in Personal Injury Litigation in Hong Kong - Actuarial PerspectivesChan, W.S.; Chan, FWH2004124
Paradigms in the Study of Hong Kong's Transition (in Chinese)Chen, AHY199782
Paradox of Chinese property rightsLong, Q2009100
The Paradox of Hong Kong Colonialism: Inclusion as ExclusionCheung, ASY1996104
A parallel path to shareholder remedies: Hong Kong's derivative actionsVon Nessan, P; Goo, SH; Low, CK2012201
Parameters of the Competition of Financial CentresArner, DW200767
The parentage and children born as a result of natural and assisted reproductionLiu, A1994182
The Paris Principles and Human Rights Institutions: Is Hong Kong Slipping Further Away From the Mark?Petersen, CJ2004136
Part 2, Chapters 10A, 13A, 16, 17A, 19. 24C, 25Ho, LKS200295
The Part III Offences: Content and ContextBrabyn, JM200296
PartneringMcInnis, JA1998166
Partnering IIMcInnis, JA1998158
Party Politics and Judicial Independence'Li, Y200180
Passing Off, Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 2005, Justice Bokhary (editor-in-chief); Neville Sarony and D.K. Srivastava. (eds)Lee, ASC; Wong, K2005175
Past and Future Offences of Sedition in Hong KongFu, H2002107
Past and Future Offences of Sedition in Hong KongFu, H2005129
The past, present and future of the WTOGao, HS2005117
Patent and Innovation in China’s Biotech and Pharmaceutical IndustriesLi, Y200766
Patent and trade mark laws of the People's Republic of ChinaFung, Pak Tim.1989191
Patent Litigation and Patent Pool Strategies (in Chinese)Li, Y; Li, Y.J; Wei, Y.L; Huang, T.J200589
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