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Naked Error or Fashion Blunder? Condoms and Fancy Wear in the High CourtYap, PJ2009301
National Court's Judicial Review over the Panel's Decision on gTLD and ccTLD Domain Name Dipsutes in ChinaZhao, Y200884
National report on Hong KongLynch, KL199581
National Security and Fundamental Freedoms: Hong Kong's Article 23 Under ScrutinyFu, H; Petersen, CJ; Young, SNM2005115
National Security and the Unauthorized and Damaging Disclosure of Protected InformationChan, JMM200598
The National Security Factor: Putting Article 23 of the Basic Law in PerspectiveFu, H2001148
National Security Law in ChinaFu, HL; Cullen, R1996276
National Security Law in Hong Kong: Quo VadisFu, H; Cullen, R2002208
National security vs human rights in 'one country, two systems': the case of Hong KongChen, AHY200394
National Space Legislation in Mainland ChinaZhao, Y2008132
Nationality and Permanent ResidentsChan, JMM201182
Nationality and the Right of AbodeGhai, Y1996107
The Nature and Development on Laws on SexualityTai, BYT; Lee, MY2006210
The Nature of Corporate Law: An Agency PerspectiveYu, G200671
The Nature of Insurable InterestGoo, SH; Merkin, R2003363
The Nature of Restitution - A ReplyHo, LKS1996156
The Nature of Trusts: Private Purpose TrustsHo, LKS201099
Necessity, Challenges, Possibilities and Models of Regional IP Integration in AsiaLi, Y201326
The need for consolidating international financial regulatory architectureAshraf, U; Arner, DW201193
The need to reconceptualise notions of justice Asian womenParyani, PK2008100
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