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M&As by Foreign Investors in China: Legal Framework and ProblemsZhang, XC2000139
Mainland Mothers Giving Birth in Hong KongChan, J201236
Maintenance of the Bill of RightsWesley-Smith, P199774
Making markets work: A review of CDM performance and the need for reformStreck, C; Lin, J2008164
Making Markets: Reforms to Strengthen Asia's Debt Capital MarketsLejot, PL; Arner, DW; Liu, Q2004103
The Making of PRC Legislation Law: Problems and DifficultiesLi, Y199992
Making Sense of Trade Mark UseYap, PJ2007129
Making Sense of Trade Mark Use: Proposals for Hong KongYap, PJ200676
Malaysian communications and multimedia commission: a model of unified communications regulator for Hong KongWu, RWS; Zul, KMYB2010176
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission: A Model of Unified Communications Regulator for Hong KongWu, RWS; Zul, KMYB2010115
The management of gossip on the Internet: an exploration of shaming and privacyCheung, ASY201083
Mandatory Provident Funds in Hong Kong: Too Little, Too LateHo, LKS2001175
Manual on Hong Kong Conveyancing: Law and Practice (2nd ed)Sihombing, JE; Wilkinson, RM199770
The Many ‘Tests’ For Terms Implied In Fact: Welcome ClarityLow, FK; Loi, KCF2009159
Mapping modern legal culture of Republican BeijingNg, MHK201143
The Mapping of Narratives in Hong Kong Post-colonial Family DisputesCheung, ASY199996
Marital Rape and Related Sexual Offences: A Review of the Proposed Amendments to Part XII of the Crimes OrdinanceEmerton, R2002257
Maritime Injuries and Fatal Accidents: The Actuarial Approach to Assessing CompensationChan, FWH2009125
Maritime LiensChan, FWH201345
The marriage law in the people's republic of China and its effect on divorce as compared with divorce in the United States of AmericaClay, Jordan E.; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law.1998133
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