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Results 1889 to 1908 of 3428
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Labour Law Reform in Hong KongGlofcheski, RA201147
Lading without Bills? The Legal Implications of Electronic Bills of Lading in Hong KongChan, FWH2000149
Lai Wee Lian Revisited - Should Actuarial tables be used for the assessment of damages in personal injury litigation in Singapore?Chan, WS; Chan, FWH2000188
Land Disputes Changing the Political Landscape in Hong KongLee, ASC201333
Land disputes in HKGoo, SH201150
Land Disputes in Hong KongLee, ASC201178
Land Law in Hong KongGoo, SH199897
Land Law in Hong Kong (2nd edition)Goo, SH; Lee, ASC2003114
Land Law in Hong Kong (3rd edition)Lee, ASC; Goo, SH2009312
Land Law in Hong Kong (Practitioners' edition with Foreword by Lam J)Lee, ASC; Goo, SH2010113
Land Registration Act 2002 of England: lessons on title registration reform for ChinaWu, RWS2011107
Land Registration OrdinanceGoo, SH200279
Landlord and TenantMerry, MJ; Goo, SH2007112
Landlord and TenantGoo, SH; Merry, M2000116
Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance (Cap 7): The Annotated Ordinances of Hong KongBooth, CN; Goo, SH200196
LanguageCheung, ASY201182
Language and the Law in Hong Kong: From English to ChineseLee, ASC1994121
Language and the law in Hong Kong: from English to ChineseLee, ASC199688
Language Rights and the Hong Kong CourtsCheung, ASY1997178
Last of the Tai-Pans: Improving the Sustainability of Long-Term Financial Flows by Improving Hong Kong's Corporate GovernanceMichael, B; Goo, SH201327
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