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Jessup final competition 2002University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law2002489
“Job Security and Entitlements within Hong Kong’s Maternity Protection Legislation” (2009) 25 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 327-345 (with Ho Yan Leung);Glofcheski, RA2009140
Job Security in Hong Kong or How to (Legally) Undermine an Already Minimalist Job Security RegimeGlofcheski, RA200893
Job Security Issues in a Laissez-faire EconomyGlofcheski, RA200874
Job security issues in a laissez-faire economy: the case of Hong KongGlofcheski, RA2009106
John Austin or Jane Austen?: the province of jurisprudence determined in pride and prejudiceMacNeil, William P.; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law.1998178
The Joint Declaration and the CFA AgreementMushkat, R199676
Journal editorCheung, ASY200981
The JudgesYoung, SNM; Da Roza, AM201425
Judges and judging in the Court of Final Appeal: a statistical pictureYoung, SNM; Da Roza, AM2010313
Judges and the through trainWesley-Smith, P199580
Judicial Assistance between Mainland China and Hong Kong in Admiralty ProceedingsChan, FWH1999101
Judicial Assistance between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR in Civil and Commercial Matters: Dimension and ConcernsZhang, XC1999115
Judicial Autonomy in Hong KongTai, BYT201388
Judicial autonomy in Hong KongTai, BYT2010282
Judicial construction of the Basic Law : the independent judicial power of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionLo, Pui-yin; 羅沛然2011107
Judicial deference at work: Some reflections on Chan Kin Sum and Kong Yun MingChan, C2010524
Judicial discretion within adjudicative committee proceedings inChina: a bounded rationality analysisLi, Li; 李利2010334
Judicial ethics in the People's Republic of China: challenges and reformsWu, R2010111
Judicial independenceChan, JMM2008169
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