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I Have Come Undone: In Appreciation of Tan Sook YeeLim, CL2008146
Ideals Of The Rule Of Law, Human Rights And Constitutional DemocracyChen, AHY201248
Ideas of Rule of Law in the West: Past And PresentChen, AHY200788
The Identity of Arbitral Awards in ChinaGu, W2010108
An identity that must be suppressed: legal hermeneutics and the construction of lesbian identity in the Well of Loneliness trialsWan, M200971
The Illegality Defence and Company LawLim, WKE201340
The illegality of Empire: moral evasion and confusion of historians and literary critics in their reflections on the impeachment trial of Warren HastingsCarty, JA201280
The Illusion of Proportionate Libaility: The Case of the Incorporated Owners of Albert HouseGlofcheski, R2005174
ILO Standards and Education in Hong KongGlofcheski, RA2009110
ILO Standards in Hong Kong: an UpdateGlofcheski, RA200679
Immigration Law in Hong Kong: An Interdisciplinary StudyChan, JMM; Rwezaura, BA2004155
Immigration Policies and Human Resources PlanningChan, JMM2009117
Immigration Policy and Human Resources PlanningChan, JMM200475
Immunity in Hong Kong for kleptocrats and human rights violatorsYoung, SNM2011139
The Impact of Globalization on Financial Dispute Resolution.Ali, S201062
The Impact of Medical Malpractice Law on China's Tort Law and Implications for the Insurance MarketYu, G2003121
The Impact of Medical Malpractice Law Reform on China's Tort Law and Implications for the Insurance MarketYu, G2002111
The impact of the 1997 transition on Taiwan-Hong Kong legal relationsChen, AHY1995100
The Impact of the Chinese Criminal Law in Hong KongFu, H200399
The impact of the global financial crisis on Broadly Based Indirect Taxation: a Chinese case studyXu, Y; Halkyard, AJ2010193
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