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Gaming and wageringHunsworth, N; Mason, LC201359
Gas Smells Awful: UN Forces, Riot-Control Agents and the Chemical Weapons Convention (lead article)Fry, JD2010224
General Customary LawCarty, T2012116
General Principles of Hong Kong Law (in Chinese)Chen, AHY; Chan, JMM; Lee, ASC; Li, Y; Zhong, J199998
Genesis of Hong Kong's Court of Final AppealYoung, SNM; Da Roza, AM; Ghai, Y201423
Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of PDK1 in cancer cells: Characterization of a selective allosteric kinase inhibitorNagashima, K; Shumway, SD; Sathyanarayanan, S; Chen, AH; Dolinski, B; Xu, Y; Keilhack, H; Nguyen, T; Wiznerowicz, M; Li, L; Lutterbach, BA; Chi, A; Paweletz, C; Allison, T; Yan, Y; Munshi, SK; Klippel, A; Kraus, M; Bobkova, EV; Deshmukh, S; Xu, Z; Mueller, U; Szewczak, AA; Pan, BS; Richon, V; Pollock, R; BlumeJensen, P; Northrup, A; Andersen, JN2011188
GIS in urban cultural studies: Reflections from the project on Republican BeijingSo, BKL; Ng, MHK; Zhang, P; Lin, H201271
The Global Bank Insolvency InitiativeArner, DW200286
The Global Credit Crisis and the Financial Stability Board: Hardening the Soft Law of International Financial Regulation?Arner, DW; Taylor, MW2010200
The global credit crisis of 2008: causes and consequencesArner, DW2009304
The global credit crisis of 2008: causes and implications for financial regulationArner, DW2009137
The Global Credit Crisis: Implications for Financial Regulation in Hong KongArner, DW; Hsu, BFC; Da Roza, AM200935
The global expansion of constitutional judicial review: historical and comparative perspectivesChen, AHY201265
The global expansion of constitutional judicial review: Some historical and comparative perspectivesChan, AHY2013145
The Global Financial Crisis & the Future of Financial Regulation in Hong KongArner, DW; Hsu, BFC; Da Roza, AM; Da Roza, F; Johnstone, S; Lejot, PL2009214
The Global Financial Crisis and redesign of the international financial architectureArner, DW2009140
The Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Finance and Financial RegulationArner, DW2010190
Global financial regulation post-LehmanArner, DW2009130
Global Financial Regulatory Reforms: Implications for Developing AsiaArner, DW; Park, CY2010158
Global financial regulatory reforms: implications for East AsiaArner, DW; Park, CY2011138
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