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E-business: the Legal Framework for International Transport and Trade.Chan, FWH200199
E-commerce all at Sea - Recent Developments in Electronic Bills of Lading.Chan, FWH200187
E-commerce all at sea: China welcomes digital bills of lading under the Electronic Signature Law 2005Chan, FWH2006103
E-commerce Dispute Resolution and Online ArbitrationZhao, Y201099
E-education: the Experience of the University of Hong KongChan, JMM200184
E-Finance in Greater China: Hong Kong SARArner, DW2001110
E-logistics: Some Legal and Policy Debates.Chan, FWH2003107
E-Portfolio and AssessmentTai, BYT200598
E-Portfolio and AssessmentTai, BYT2005102
E-Portfolio and Assessment”Tai, BYT200898
E-Study Manual for Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation of the Licensing Examination for Securities and Future IntermediariesArner, DW; Johnstone, S2011305
Early Security Council Efforts at Nuclear Non-Proliferation Law and Policy: Cooperation ForgottenFry, JD2012153
East Asian economic integration: law, trade and financeBuckley, RP; Hu, RW; Arner, DW2011130
East Asian governance: implications for policy cooperation, regionalism and financial integrationArner, DW; Lejot, PL; Wang, W2009116
East Asia’s engagement with cosmopolitan ideals under its trade treaty dispute provisionsLim, CL201171
East Timor's Special Panel for Serious Crimes (Contributions to Chapter 2 on International Criminal Tribunal and Mixed Model) and Indonesia's Ad Hoc Court for Human Rights (Chapter 3 on National Prosecutions for International Crimes).Linton, S200992
Economic analysis of a property law systemYu, GH199569
Economic Globalization and International Commercial ArbitrationLynch, KL2001110
Economic Implications of Secured DebtYu, G199796
Economic Legislation in the Pearl River DeltaZhang, XC199977
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