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Calibrating Fundamental Rights: An Impossible Choice for Religious and Cultural MinoritiesKapai, P200999
Can Chinese experts be appointed as WTO "Judges"? - Comments on the recent changes to the membership of the WTO appellate bodyGao, HS2004149
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?Young, SNM2005105
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?Young, SNM2005108
Can lawyers ever add value?McInnis, A2002102
Can Louis Vuitton dance with Hiphone? Rethinking the idea of social justice in Intellectual Property LawSun, H2012167
Can OGI Take Off in ChinaFu, H2009229
The Canadian Charter of Rights in Hong Kong JurisprudenceYoung, SNM201216
Care or protection orders of the juvenile courtKoo, AKC201168
Cargate: an alternative legal opinionYoung, SNM2004298
Carriage of Passengers by SeaChan, FWH201351
Carriage of passengers by seaChan, FWH2009104
CarriersChan, FWH201197
The case for (and against) compulsory court-annexed mediation in Hong KongMeggitt, G2008253
The case for decompilation: a response to the Law Reform Commission's report on copyrightPun, KH1995100
Case studies: hypothetical scenarios: China sectionsHo, LKS; Lee, RWC; Jin, JP201380
Case studies: hypothetical scenarios: Hong Kong sectionsHo, LKS; Lee, RWC; Jin, JP201389
A Case Study of Public Opinion Supervision in Mainland China - The Attempt of a Loyal Lapdog to be a Barking WatchdogCheung, ASY200595
Cases & Materials on Company Law (6th edition)Hicks, A; Goo, SH2008100
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