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Back to Basic: Legal Education in a Changing WorldChan, JMM200196
Back to BasicsChan, JMM; Harris, LM200595
Back to basics: the provisional legislative and the Basic LawGhai, Y1995118
Back to the BasicChan, JMM200464
Back to Work without a Bump: Retaining Employees after a Maternity LeaveAslam, FA201338
Baggars as Citizens: A Republican Approach to Poor ReliefZheng, G201288
Bailment on terms and the carriage of goods by sea: the 'Mahkutai'Nossal, S1994317
Bailment on Terms, Himalaya Clauses and Exclusive Jurisdiction Clauses: The Decision of the Privy Council in The MahkutaiNossal, S1996255
Balancing Interests in IPRs: A Forever Difficulty and and A New ChallengeLi, Y200591
Bangladesh and the prosecution of international crimes from the 1971 war of independence from PakistanLinton, S201094
Bank Governance and Lending to Related PersonsArner, DW200088
Bank Restructuring and ResolutionArner, DW200392
Banker and customer: incidents of their relationship in a changing financial worldSin, Kam Fan.; 單錦帆.1989312
Banking Liberalization and Restructuring in Post-WTO ChinaHsu, BFC; Arner, DW; Wan, Q2005232
Barricades and Checkered Flags: An Empirical Examination of the Perceptions of Roadblocks and Facilitators of Settlement among Arbitration Practitioners in East Asia and the WestAli, SF2010164
Basel II and its impact on the property market in the Hong Kong special administrative regionArner, D; Chau, KW; Hsu, BFC; Pretorius, F; Pu, LF; Tse, KSM2008297
Basel III and Its New Capital Requirements, as Distinguished from Basel IILee, EH201362
Basel III: Post-Financial Crisis International Financial Regulatory ReformLee, EH201374
Basel III? Capital, leverage, liquidityArner, DW; Norton, JJ2010206
Basel Regulations and Operational Risk Management: Conceptual Challenges Under Basel II & Basel IIIAshraf, U2012195
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