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A comparative study of the meaning and importance of several constitutional cases in the highest courts of the PRC, Hong Kong, &TaiwanMorris, Robert J.2007455
A court without resort?: comparative aspects of the "Act of State" doctrine : traditional limitations on thejudiciary's power of review, and its implications for Hong Kong'scourt of final appealsLetteau, Gabrielle Tracey.1996449
A critical analysis of the marriage law of the People's Republic of ChinaPoon, Wing.; 潘榮1991370
A critical review of the present securities & futures compensation arrangements in Hong KongLuff, John Alfred.1991313
A frolic in the law of tort: expanding the scope of employers' vicarious liabilityGlofcheski, R2004513
A guide to civil procedure in Hong Kong (3rd ed.)Wilkinson, RM; Cheung, ETM; Booth, CN; Meggitt, G2009126
A Hong Kong perspective and book review of Declan McGrath, Evidence, Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2005, 728 pp, hb euro 350Young, SNM2007334
A law unto themselves: the Chinese government has acknowledged that corruption in the judiciary is a serious problemZhang, XC1998439
A matter of authority but not of principle: acquisition by lessees of easements by long enjoymentMerry, M2010219
A profession reborn: the enactment of the PRCs new lawyers law is a major step forward in the restoration of the Chinese legal professionZhang, XC1996220
A study on the work of the obscene articles tribunal of Hong Kong froma human rights perspectiveWong, Lai-wing.; 黃禮榮2001529
Abolishing by-elections to fill vacancies in the legislative councilChau, P; Young, SNM2012175
Absolute Immunity for Sovereign Debtors in Hong KongLim, CL2011145
Abuse of Administrative Monopoly in ChinaCheng, TKH201438
Abuse of the criminal processChan, JMM; Wilkinson, RM1995156
Access to justiceChan, JMM2010164
Access to justice in China: potentials, limits, and alternativesFu, H2010166
Accounting for Atrocities in IndonesiaLinton, S2007157
Accounting In Tax Law: Timing of DeductionsLam, CS; Chow, WS1998150
An actuarial approach to assessing personal injury compensations in Singapore: Theory and practiceChan, FWH; Chan, WS; Li, JSH2010206
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