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10 years of the basic law: the rise, retreat and resurgence of judicial power in Hong KongYap, PJ2007829
The 1972 Liability Convention: Time for revision?Zhao, Y2004160
The 2002 Space Cooperation Protocol between China and Brazil: An excellent example of South-South cooperationZhao, Y2005181
(6) Invited speaker on the topic of “Research and Teaching Project and Plan”, at the Media and Intellectual Property Workshop, organized by the Law School of the University of New South WalseLi, Y2007134
A comparative study of the meaning and importance of several constitutional cases in the highest courts of the PRC, Hong Kong, &TaiwanMorris, Robert J.2007452
A court without resort?: comparative aspects of the "Act of State" doctrine : traditional limitations on thejudiciary's power of review, and its implications for Hong Kong'scourt of final appealsLetteau, Gabrielle Tracey.1996448
A critical analysis of the marriage law of the People's Republic of ChinaPoon, Wing.; 潘榮1991360
A critical review of the present securities & futures compensation arrangements in Hong KongLuff, John Alfred.1991309
A frolic in the law of tort: expanding the scope of employers' vicarious liabilityGlofcheski, R2004513
A guide to civil procedure in Hong Kong (3rd ed.)Wilkinson, RM; Cheung, ETM; Booth, CN; Meggitt, G2009124
A Hong Kong perspective and book review of Declan McGrath, Evidence, Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2005, 728 pp, hb euro 350Young, SNM2007332
A law unto themselves: the Chinese government has acknowledged that corruption in the judiciary is a serious problemZhang, XC1998437
A matter of authority but not of principle: acquisition by lessees of easements by long enjoymentMerry, M2010216
A profession reborn: the enactment of the PRCs new lawyers law is a major step forward in the restoration of the Chinese legal professionZhang, XC1996217
A study on the work of the obscene articles tribunal of Hong Kong froma human rights perspectiveWong, Lai-wing.; 黃禮榮2001526
Abolishing by-elections to fill vacancies in the legislative councilChau, P; Young, SNM2012175
Absolute Immunity for Sovereign Debtors in Hong KongLim, CL2011144
Abuse of Administrative Monopoly in ChinaCheng, TKH201438
Abuse of the criminal processChan, JMM; Wilkinson, RM1995154
Access to justiceChan, JMM2010163
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