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N-methyl pyrrolidone as a potent bone morphogenetic protein enhancer for bone tissue regenerationMiguel, BS; Ghayor, C; Ehrbar, M; Jung, RE; Zwahlen, RA; Hortschansky, P; Schmoekel, HG; Weber, FE2009171
Nano-scale structure and mechanical properties of the human dentine-enamel junctionChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2011302
Nanocoating of montmorillonite/Mg-β-tricalcium phosphate on orthodontic titanium miniscrewsZhou, WY; Rabie, ABM; Wong, RWK; Tang, B2010239
Nanocomposites for Biomedical and Dental ApplicationsChoi, AH; Matinlinna, JP; Heness, G; Ben-Nissan, B201416
Nanoleakage in single-step adhesives: what are we really testing?Tay, FR; Itthagarun, A; Mak, YF; Pashley, EL; Pashley, DH2001161
Nanoleakage of cervical restorations of four dentin bonding systemsLi, H; Burrow, MF; Tyas, MJ2000481
Nanoleakage of dentin adhesive systems bonded to carisolv-treated dentinKubo, S; Li, H; Burrow, MF; Tyas, MJ2002134
Nanoleakage patterns of four dentin bonding systemsLi, H; Burrow, MF; Tyas, MJ2000101
A nanoleakage perspective of bonding to oxidized dentinYiu, CKY; Garcia-Godoy, F; Tay, FRCM; Pashley, DH; Lai, SCN; Imazato, S; King, NM2002108
A nanoleakage perspective on bonding to oxidized dentinYiu, CKY; GarcíaGodoy, F; Tay, FR; Pashley, DH; Imazato, S; King, NM; Lai, SCN2002229
Nanoleakage types and potential implications: evidence from unfilled and filled adhesives with the same resin composition.Tay, FR; Pashley, DH; Yiu, C; Cheong, C; Hashimoto, M; Itou, K; Yoshiyama, M; King, NM200491
Nanomechanical characterization of mineralized tissues in the oral cavityChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2012162
Naringin and its aglycone, research and managementsWong, RWK; Young, FYF200893
Naringin and its Aglycone, Research and Managements (Hong Kong)Wong, RWK; Young, FYF2010101
Naringin Increase Bone FormationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM200588
Nasal airflow simulations in models derived from cone beam and spiral CT scans by using CFDLeung, A.Y.T.; Tsui, W.S.; Xu, J.N.; Lo, J2007108
Nasal Morphology of the Chinese: Three-Dimensional Reference Values for Rhinoplasty.Jayaratne, YSN; Deutsch, CK; Zwahlen, RA20144
Nasolabial soft tissue changes after Le Fort I advancementVasudavan, S; Jayaratne, YSN; Padwa, BL201255
National Security Offences and Civil Liberties in Hong Kong: A Critique of the Government's 'Consutltation' on Article 23 of the Basic LawPetersen, CJ2003103
A national study of the importance of oral health to life quality to inform scales of oral health related quality of lifeMcGrath, C; Bedi, R200499
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