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Macrophage migration inhibitory factor and circulating progenitor cells: relevance and implications inperiodontal medicineLi, Xiao; 李晓2011336
Magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite at immediate implants: A histomorphometric study in dogsCaneva, M; Botticelli, D; Stellini, E; Souza, SLS; Salata, LA; Lang, NP2011533
Magnet-retained auricular prosthesis with an implant-supported composite bar: A clinical reportChung, RWC; Siu, ASC; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW2003117
Magnet-retained implant-supported overdentureChow, TW; Fang, DTS2000144
The magnetic pole: fixed or moving?Dias, APLH; Darvell, BW2000171
Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of discal attachment of superior head of lateral pterygoid muscle in individuals with symptomatic temporomandibular jointOmami, G; Lurie, A201210
Magnitude and reproducibility of forces generated by clinicians during laceback placementKhambay, BS; Mchugh, S; Millett, DT200660
Maintaining adult mesenchymal stem cell potency in the petri-dish using living cellular assemblies: A potential artificial stem cell niche for blood and boneGreen, DW; Li, G201324
Maintaining dental education and specialist dental care furing an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection. Part 2: Control of the disease, then eliminationSmales, FC; Samaranayake, LP200364
Maintaining dental education and specialist dental care furing an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection. Part I: A deadly viral epidemic beginsSmales, FC; Samaranayake, LP200364
Maintenance of implants: An in vitro study of titanium implant surface modifications subsequent to the application of different prophylaxis proceduresMatarasso, S; Quaremba, G; Coraggio, F; Vaia, E; Cafiero, C; Lang, NP199691
Maintenance of new attachment 1 and 4 years following guided tissue regeneration (GTR).Weigel, C; Brägger, U; Hämmerle, CH; Mombelli, A; Lang, NP199567
Maintenance of periodontal attachment levels in prosthetically treated patients with gingivitis or moderate chronic periodontitis 5-17 years post therapyMoser, P; Hammerle, CHF; Lang, NP; SchlegelBregenzer, B; Persson, R200276
The major surface protein complex of Treponema denticola depolarizes and induces ion channels in HeLa cell membranesMathers, DA; Leung, WK; Fenno, JC; Hong, Y; Mcbride, BC1996302
Making porcelain veneers with the Procera AllCeram systemChu, FCS; Andersson, B; Deng, FL; Chow, TW200378
Malocclusions in Xia Dynasty in ChinaWang, W; Zeng, X; Zhang, C; Yang, Y2012127
Managed care schemes in dentistry - the situation in H.K.Lo, ECM; Cheung, MF; Kam, YL; Kuo, KKD; Kwok, LW; Leung, WS; Siu, YW; Tsui, WKV; Yip, WT2001106
Managed care schemes in dentistry: the situation in Hong KongUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.2001156
Management of a Class II malocclusion with 2-phase herbst and fixed appliance treatment: a case report for the MOrthRCS(Ed) examinationHibino, K; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2011186
Management of ameloblastomaCheung, LK200563
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