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Label-free multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy for in vivo diagnosis of precancerous squamous epitheliaTeh, SK; Zheng, W; Li, SX; Li, D; Zeng, Y; Yang, Y; Qu, JY201263
Laboratory evaluation of mouthguard materialTran, D; Cooke, MS; Newsome, PRH2001134
Laboratory evaluation of mouthguardsTran, CD; Cooke, MS; Newsome, PRH200180
A laboratory evaluation of two brands of disposable air turbine handpieceDyson, JE; Darvell, BW1997124
A laboratory investigation of photo-activated disinfection (PAD) to enterococcus faecalisYao, N; Zhang, C2011110
Lack of influence of the Schneiderian membrane in forming new bone apical to implants simultaneously installed with sinus floor elevation: an experimental study in monkeysScala, A; Botticelli, D; Faeda, RS; Rangel Jr, IG; Américo de Oliveira, J; Lang, NP2012146
Larsen syndrome: A review of the literature and case reportSajnani, AK; Yiu, CKY; King, NM2010121
Laser-fluoride effect on root demineralizationGao, XL; Pan, JS; Hsu, CY2006113
Lasser effects on dentine treated with silver diamine fluorideIto, L; Mei, L; Zhang, C; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201224
A Lateral Cephalometric Study of Sella Turcica in Southern ChineseMohamed Makhbuol, MZB; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM201273
Lateral impact in closed head injury: A substantially increased risk for diffuse axonal injury-A preliminary studyZwahlen, RA; Labler, L; Trentz, O; Grätz, KW; Bachmann, LM200798
Latest trends in cleaning and shaping of root canalsCheung, GSP199755
Lay knowledge of physical education teachers about the emergency management of dental trauma in Hong KongChan, AWK; Wong, TKS; Cheung, GSP2001164
Leakage of post endodontic restorations after simulated occlusal loadingChang, Wen-wei, Jeffrey; 張文偉2006272
Learner perceptions of a professional development immersion courseBridges, SM200798
Learning clinical procedures through internet visual resources : a qualitative and quantitative study among undergraduate students201317
Learning in dental education.Yip, HK; Barnes, I199785
Legal and ethical issues in dentistry1985339
Length changes in the human masseter muscle after jaw movementGoto, TK; Langenbach, GEJ; Hannam, AG200179
Letters to the editor-In replyCheung, LK; Ow, A201052
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