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HAART influences oral chemokine and cytokine profilesPerera, RAPM; Tsang, PCS; Miller, C; Samaranayake, LP; Li, P; Lee, MP; McMillan, AS2009142
Hairy leucoplakia. Three quarters of patients develop AIDS in two to three yearsSamaranayake, LP; Pindborg, JJ198950
Hairy leukoplakia: a new clinical entity.Samaranayake, LP198983
Halitosis in Hong Kong: a community based studyChan, Hon-kwan; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.201182
Hammashoitaja hymyilee Hong KongissaMatinlinna, JP200982
Hammaslaaketieteen adhesiivit mita niista on hyva on hyva tietaa hammastekniikassaMatinlinna, JP200890
Hammaslaaketieteen kiinnityssementit. Osa I: Sinkkioksidi-eugenoli-sementtiMatinlinna, JP2008222
Hammaslaaketieteen kiinnityssementit. Osa II: Lasi-ionomeerisementtiMatinlinna, JP2009106
Hammaslaaketieteen kiinnityssementit. Osa III: SinkkifosfaattisementtiMatinlinna, JP200991
Hammasteknikkokoulutus Hong KongissaMatinlinna, JP201090
Handpiece and water line decontamination and HIV transmission: a critique.Samaranayake, L199370
Handpiece asepsis.Samaranayake, LP199555
Hands-on training for parents and children's toothbrushing behaviourLo, ECM; Jiang, EM; Chu, CH; Wong, MCM201291
Hands-on training for parents in affecting child's oral healthJIANG, M; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Wong, MCM201314
Hands-on training for parents in affecting child’s oral healthJiang, EM; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Wong, MCM201313
Hands-on training in parental toothbrushing among young children - 2-year resultsJiang, M; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Wong, MCM201334
Hard tissue formation adjacent to implants of various size and configuration immediately placed into extraction sockets: An experimental study in dogsCaneva, M; Salata, LA; de Souza, SS; Bressan, E; Botticelli, D; Lang, NP2010320
Head and neck cancer, craniomaxillofacial trauma and congenital deformities: marshalling resources for a global problemSamman, N201161
Headgear activator with maximal jumpimg versus headgear-split-activator step-by-step jumping of the mandibleBendeus, SAM; Hagg, EUO; Wey, MC; Robinson, W2005100
Headgear-Activator - Is Treatment Response Affected By Differences in Dento-Facial Morphology?Bendeus, SAM; Li, P; Hagg, EUO200393
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