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Fabrication of complete denture bases reinforced with polyethylene woven fabricCheng, YY; Chow, TW1999132
Fabrication of precision implant prosthesisLuk, WK201162
Face transplantationSamman, N200680
Facial alveolar bone wall width: a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) study in AsiansZekry, Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Abdin.2012274
Facial Asymmetry. The Orthodontist's ViewpointNg, FSA; Hagg, EUO; Wong, RWK2007115
Facial bone fractures and reconstruction of secondary deformitiesKook, CY; Tse, CK; Cheung, LK1997119
Facial profile changes during a two-phase orthodontic treatment of skeletal class II in the Chinese populationCheung, RNY; Hagg, U; Yang, Y; Wong, R201247
Facial prostheses retained by implants: Hygiene proceduresWatson, G; Allen, PF; McMillan, AS199898
Facial skin sensibility in a young healthy chinese populationHung, J; Samman, N2009135
Facial soft tissue changes resulting from orthognathic surgery: a systematic reviewJayaratne, YSN; Zwahlen, RA; Lo, J; Cheung, LK2009128
Facial soft tissue response to anterior segmental osteotomies: A systematic reviewJayaratne, YSN; Zwahlen, RA; Lo, J; Cheung, LK2010188
Facilitation of midline correction with a premolar extraction sequence.Wong, AM; Rabie, AB200170
Faciltating periodontal diagnostic and care strategies by general dental practitioners in Hong Kong. In: New Milliennium Challenges in Periodontology inthe Asian Pacific Region.Corbet, EF2002108
Factors affecting artifact of micro-CT scanning for implantLi, J; Pow, EHN; Zheng, L; Ma, L; Kwong, DLW; Cheung, LK201241
Factors affecting Candida albicans exoenzyme activities in HIV-infected patientsTsang, PCS; Thomas, S; Perera, RAPM2010191
Factors affecting parental and self-toothbrushing among 2-year-old Hong Kong childrenJiang, M; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Wong, MCM201221
Factors affecting people's selection of dentists in Hong KongLo, ECM; Chow, SM; Chung, CH; Chung, SYK; Fernando, NR; Fong, WK; Ho, CK; Hui, MC; Hung, WK1998107
Factors affecting people's selection of dentists in Hong KongUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.1998211
Factors affecting survival of ART restorations in Chinese pre-school childrenLo, ECM; Holmgren, CJ2000143
Factors affecting the adherence of Candida albicans to human buccal epithelial cells in human immunodeficiency virus infectionTsang, CSP; Samaranayake, LP1999109
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