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A cephalometric study of dentoalveolar hyperplasia in dentofacial deformitiesChan, Siew-luen.; 陳兆麟.1994218
A cephalometric study of stability after maxillary impactionLui, Wai-kay, Wilkie.; 雷偉基.1996230
A clinical study of 626 jaw cysts in southern Chinese patientsLueveswanij, Somyot.1994155
A clinical trial of local delivery of hyaluronic acid gel as an adjunct to non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitisWan, Peng.; 万鵬2004261
A clinical, microbiological and radiological study of primary endodontic infectionsChu, Cho-shun.; 朱祖順2005266
A comparative investigation of the root number and canal anatomy of permanent teeth in a Southern Chinese populationWalker, Richard Thomas.1987305
A comparative study of the skeletal and dental effects of a modified herbst and the traditional herbst appliances in Southern Chinese: a prospective cephalometric studyTse, Lap Kee, Edmond.; 謝立祺1994158
A comparison between donor site morbidities of free fibula and deep circumflex iliac artery flapLing, Xiao Feng.; 林霄峰.2011148
A comparison of the retentive characteristics of cast titanium and cobalt-chromium claspsTse, Tsun-pang, Edward.; 謝俊邦.2002202
A cross-sectional study of skeletal age, dental age, body height, bodyweight and sexual maturity of 12 years old Southern Chinese boysLing, Kit Tong.; 凌傑棠.1988250
A cross-sectional study of skeletal, dental, physical growth and sexual maturity of 12-year-old southern Chinese girls in Hong KongSo, Lai-ying, Lisa.; 蘇麗英.1988264
A microbiological study of endodontically treated teeth associated with asymptomatic peri-radicular rarefactionHo, Wai-mei.; 何慧美1999166
A microbiological study of pericoronitis of impacted lower third molars in Hong Kong ChineseLeung, Wai-keung, Edwin.; 梁惠強1990420
A morphometric study of the dentition of 12 year old Chinese children in Hong KongLing, Yu-kong, John.; 林友港.1992256
A novel antifungal for Candida infections : its in vitro and in vivo efficacy and proposed mechanism of actionWong, Sze-wah, Sarah; 黃思華20134
A novel root canal cleaning method by using some fibresGao, Shiqian; 高诗倩201333
A preliminary investigation of periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritisDong, Xiaoxiao.; 董瀟瀟.2005201
A prospective study of changes in psychosocial characteristics of patients with dentofacial deformities after corrective surgerySuen, Ka-shing.; 孫嘉誠.201327
A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the anterior dentition visible in photographs and its application to forensic odontologyMcKenna, J. J. I.1986328
A randomized clinical trial of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea using oral appliancesAhrens, Anika.2011155
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