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Growth modification of severe skeletal class II malocclusions by dentofacial orthopaedicsHagg, EUO; Du, X; Rabie, ABM200199
Growth modification of the mandible: wishful thinking or reality?Hagg, EUO201097
Growth modification of the rat's mandibular condyle by functional appliances: a cellular and molecular studyTang, Guohua.; 唐國華2003191
Growth of the fungal pathogen Candida in parotid saliva of patients with burning mouth syndromeChen, Q; Samaranayake, LP2000112
Guest editorial on the Festschrift "Challenges in population oral health for the 21st Century"McGrath, CPJ; Lawrence, HP; Blinkhorn, A20124
Guest Editorial: New materials in dentistryTyas, MJ; Burrow, MF201186
Guidance for the planning, implementation and evaluation of oral health care demonstration projects for under-served populationsVan Palenstein Helderman, W; Lo, E; Holmgren, C200368
A Guide to setting up a dental practiceUniversity of Hong Kong. Dept. of Periodontology and Public Health.1992203
Guided bone regeneration around an immediate transmucosal implant for single tooth replacement: a case report.Tritten, CB; Bragger, U; Fourmousis, I; Lang, NP199573
Guided tissue regeneration and dental implants.Nyman, SR; Lang, NP199461
Guided tissue regeneration in jawbone defects prior to implant placement.Lang, NP; Hämmerle, CH; Brägger, U; Lehmann, B; Nyman, SR199473
Guided tissue regeneration/deproteinized bovine bone mineral or papilla preservation flaps alone for treatment of intrabony defects. II: Radiographic predictors and outcomesLiñares, A; Cortellini, P; Lang, NP; Suvan, J; Tonetti, MS200675
Guidelines for Accreditation and Training in EndodonticsCheung, GSP199985
Guidelines for the use of antimicrobial agents to minimise development of resistance.Samaranayake, LP; Johnson, NW199960
HAART influences oral chemokine and cytokine profilesPerera, RAPM; Tsang, PCS; Miller, C; Samaranayake, LP; Li, P; Lee, MP; McMillan, AS2009141
Hairy leucoplakia. Three quarters of patients develop AIDS in two to three yearsSamaranayake, LP; Pindborg, JJ198950
Hairy leukoplakia: a new clinical entity.Samaranayake, LP198983
Halitosis in Hong Kong: a community based studyChan, Hon-kwan; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.201181
Hammashoitaja hymyilee Hong KongissaMatinlinna, JP200982
Hammaslaaketieteen adhesiivit mita niista on hyva on hyva tietaa hammastekniikassaMatinlinna, JP200890
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