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A labor market based theory of regional economic developmentMathur, VK; Song, FM2000108
Labor mobility and fiscal coordinationYuen, CW; Razin, A199697
Labor training and foreign direct investmentLiu, Q; Qiu, LD201430
Labor training and foreign direct investmentLiu, Q; Qiu, LD201220
Labour and employmentSuen, WC199585
Labour contract in China: an analysis of the contractual arrangement of human resources under a socialist marketeconomyChow, Kam-wah.; 周錦華.1995463
Labour Market in a Dynamic EconomySuen, WC; Chan, W1997104
Language and coordination gamesLo, MP2010101
Language and coordination gamesLo, P200781
Language and coordination gamesLo, P2007229
Language and coordination gamesLo, P200783
A lattice algorithm for pricing moving average barrier optionsDai, M; Li, P; Zhang, JE2010294
Learning investment and industrial diversity in urban growthTse, CY200879
Learning, teaching, and turn taking in the repeated assignment gameCason, TN; Lau, SHP; Mui, VL201376
The LeChatelier principle: The long and the short of itSuen, W; Silberberg, E; Tseng, P2000143
Lessons from economic transitionXu, C201150
Lessons to be learned from East Asian economiesWong, RYC199581
Leverage and investment under a state-owned bank lending environment: Evidence from ChinaFirth, M; Lin, C; Wong, SML200818
Leverage, ownership structure and firm behavior in ChinaWu, Wenjie.; 武文潔.2006301
Lie symmetry analysis and some new exact solutions of the Wu-Zhang equationJi, X; Chen, C; Zhang, JE; Li, Y200453
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