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H 股績效研究Song, FM2005110
Hard or soft? Institutional reforms and infrastructure spending as determinants of foreign direct investment in ChinaFung, KC; GarciaHerrero, A; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2005120
Hard or Soft? Institutions Reforms and Infrastructure Spending as Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in ChinaFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2005176
"Having it all" no longer: Fertility, female labor supply, and the new life choices of generation XVere, JP2007110
Hedging Affecting Firm Value via Financing and Investment: Evidence from Property Insurance UseZou, H201025
Hedging and nonlinear risk exposureBroll, U; Chow, KW; Wong, Kp200190
Hedging and the competitive firm under correlated price and background riskWong, KP201264
Hedging volatility riskBrenner, M; Ou, EY; Zhang, JE2006129
Hedging with mismatched currenciesBroll, U; Wong, KP199977
Hedging, liquidity, and the competitive firm under price uncertaintyWong, KP200479
Hedging, Liquidity, and the Multinational Firm under Exchange Rate UncertaintyWong, KP200788
Help and Factionalism in OrganizationsChan, W; Man, P200686
Help and Factionalism in Politics and OrganizationsChan, W; Man, P201291
Help and Factionalism in Politics and OrganizationsChan, W; Man, P200879
Help and Factionalism in Politics and OrganizationsChan, W; Man, P200886
Heterogeneity of competitive behaviour under price taking competition: an empirical study of newspaper hawkers inHong KongWong, Kwok-pun; 王國斌2000220
A Hicksian approach to cost-benefit analysis with discrete-choice models.DoeKwong Hau, T1985103
Hierarchical v.s. Simultaneous CommunicationLo, P201192
Hierarchical v.s. simultaneous communicationLo, P201160
High stakes in high technology: High-tech market values as optionsDarby, MR; Liu, Q; Zucker, LG2004112
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