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U.S. International Air Route Award Process and Shareholder WealthHoffer, GE; Pruitt, SW; Tse, KS199691
U.S. International air route awards and shareholder wealthHoffer, GE; Pruitt, SW; Maurice Tse, KS199652
Uncertain data mining: An example in clustering location dataChau, M; Cheng, R; Kao, B; Ng, J2006169
Uncertain Data Mining: An Example in Self-Organizing MapsChau, MCL; Cheng, R; Kao, CM200785
Uncertainty in economics and the application of fuzzy logic in contract lawsChan, Wing-kin, Louis; 陳永健2003445
Uncertainty in Labor Productivity and Specific Human Capital InvestmentBai, CE; Wang, Y2003327
Uncertainty, arbitrage and intra-industry trade | Incertitude, arbitrage et commerce intra-industrieDasgupta, S; Ray, T; Wong, KP200282
Uncertainty, capital allocation and business cycle: theory and evidenceYang, Qin; 杨琴2012230
Unconscious transfer of meaning to brandsGalli, M; Gorn, G201183
Uncoordinated and Coordinated Optimal International Taxation and Growth Rate ConvergenceRazin, A; Yuen, CW199979
The Underground Economy: Global Evidence of its Size and ImpactWong, RYC199780
Understanding awareness diffusion in microbloggingZhu, B; Chau, M2010110
Understanding blog continuance: A model comparison approachShiau, WL; Chau, PYK201267
Understanding consumer trust in online purchase processes: An experimental investigationChau, PYK; Hu, PJH; Lee, BLP; Au, AKK200579
Understanding Employee Competence And Service Quality: Understand The Role Of Human Resource Systems And Goal Orientation In Service SectorKwok, O.T.Y.; Hui, C2008128
Understanding Firm Performance in China: A Socio-Political Perspective with Empirical FindingsTse, DKC; Wang, T; Yim, BCK2004174
Understanding Firms in Transition Economies: China and Central-Eastern Europe ComparedXu, C; Kim, BY; Wang, J201325
Understanding individual adoption of Instant Messaging: An empirical investigation'Li, D; Chau, PYK; Lou, H2005434
Understanding Materialism among YouthGoldberg, ME; Gorn, GJ; Peracchio, LA; Bamossy, G2003221
Understanding of Chinese buying behaviour: a network approachChan, Yun-sang, Elvis.; 陳潤生.1993360
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