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The Sarbanes-Oxley act and corporate investment: A structural assessmentKang, Q; Liu, Q; Qi, R201098
Schedule delay of work trips in Hong Kong: anempirical analysisLi, Lok-man, Jennifer.; 李諾文.2008280
Schedule Delay of Work Trips in Hong Kong: Some Nested Logit Modeling ResultsHau, TD; Li, JLM; Loo, BPY; Wong, SC2008240
Scheduling Considerations in Urban Transportation EconomicsChan, PCW; Hau, TD200068
The school-to-work transition: A role identity perspectiveNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2007120 Strategic Repositioning of a NewspaperFarhoomand, AF; Kwan, EYH2000103
Scope of auditors' liability, audit quality, and capital investmentChan, DK; Wong, KP200281
Search frictions, market power, and long-run growthTse, CY200470
Searching and Mining the Web for Personalized and Specialized Information'Chau, MCL200579
Searching for the motives and effectiveness of Chinese mergers and acquisitionsWang, Xiaokun; 王曉坤2007405
Second order condition for the firm's long period equilibriumCheung, MT; Yeung, DWK199244
Sectoral shifts: impact on Hong Kong workersSuen, WC1995276
Securities transaction tax and market volatilitySong, FM; Zhang, J2005136
Segmentation of lecture videos based on text: A method combining multiple linguistic featuresLin, M; Chau, M; Nunamaker Jr, JF; Chen, H2004326
Selecting R&D projects for technology-based innovation: An application of the core model approachCheung, MT; Greenfield, PF; Liao, Z200965
Selecting R&D projects for technology-based innovation: Knowledge management in the face of embarras de choixCheung, MT; Greenfield, PF; Liao, Z200998
Self-Fulfilling early contracting rushLi, H; Suen, WC2004235
Self-fulfilling early-contracting rushLi, H; Suen, W200460
The self-perpetuation of biased beliefsSuen, W2004122
A semi-analytical solution for a newsboy problem with mid-period replenishmentLau, HS; Lau, AHL199746
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