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Japanese and Chinese management information systems and the question of transferabilityFukuda, K. John1982442
Japanese business networks: Hong Kong case studiesLau, Po-wah, Chris.; 劉寶華.1997384
Japanese direct investment in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2003120
Japanese influence on the Shanghainese textile industry and implications for Hong KongNishida, Judith Mary.1990365
Jardine Matheson group's delisting from the stock exchange of Hong Kong: Evidence on international market integration/segmentationCarverhill, A; Chan, AWH2006221
Jisuanji Fuzhu Xingzhuang Youhua Sheji (Computer-aided profile optimization design)Xu, C; Guo, H1984128
Job attitudes of officers of Marine Region Royal Hong Kong Police Force and the managerial implicationsLee, Ting-kwok; 李定國1995264
Job characteristics and job attitudes: a study of two occupation groupsCheung, Tak-ming.; 張德明1982279
Job creation and destruction in Hong Kong manufacturing industries: some empirical evidenceFung, K. K.; 馮國健.2002393
Job evaluation and organisation development for Sunciti Manufacturers LtdHung, Ling-cheuk, James; 孔令焯1981411
Job evaluation and salary administration: an empirical studyYu, Wai-yun, Gloria; 余蕙茵1984490
Job insecurity in Chinese context: a critical reviewZhao, H; Huang, GH; Lee, C; Chen, G; Hui, C201296
Job Satisfaction among Quality Managers in Hong Kong: A SurveyLam, SSK199769
Job satisfaction of Hong Kong hospital administratorsCheng, Kwong-woon.; 鄭廣桓.1988331
Job satisfaction: a study of civil engineers in Hong KongHo, Yuk-ching, Margaret.; 何玉晶.1985324
Joint consultation in intraorganisation communicationNg, Shuk-wan, Grace.; 伍淑雲.1987168
Joint ventures in China: relation with governmentHo, Wing-yee, Eva.; 何詠儀1994256
Joint ventures in China: structure and controlChan, Rosanna.; 陳韻珊1994271
Joint ventures in China: technology managementLai, Mee-fung, Janice.; 黎美鳳1994272
Joint ventures in P.R.C.: financialaspectsFong, Lai-wah, Lily.; 方麗華1994238
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