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Face Consciousness and Risk Aversion: Do They Affect Consumer Decision-Making?Bao, Y; Zhou, KZ; Su, C200379
Face Consciousness and Risk Aversion: How Do They Affect Consumer Decision-Making?Bao, Y; Zhou, KZ; Su, C2003129
Facilitating and rewarding creativity during new product developmentBurroughs, JE; Dahl, DW; Moreau, CP; Chattopadhyay, A; Gorn, GJ201176
Facilitators and barriers of electronic commerceChan, So-fun, Michelle.; 陳素芬1998266
Facing the challenges of RFID data managementBose, I; Lam, CW2008130
Factor mobility and income growth: Two convergence hypothesesRazin, A; Yuen, CW199793
The factor structure of time-varying conditional volumeChang, EC; Cheng, JW; Pinegar, JM2008138
The Factor Structure of Time-Varying Conditional VolumeChang, EC; Cheng, J; Pinegar, JM200577
Factors affecting the adoption of open systems: An exploratory studyChau, PYK; Tam, KY199781
Factors affecting the implementation of Hong Kong management practicesin PR China: problems faced by Hong KongChinese Expatriates in ChinaTang, Sai-fan.; 鄧世藩1997206
Factors influencing electronic data interchange successFarhoomand, AF; Drury, DH1996131
Factors used in the selection of packaged software in small businesses: Views of owners and managersChau, PYK199560
Failure prediction of dotcom companies using hybrid intelligent techniquesChandra, DK; Ravi, V; Bose, I2009108
Failure prediction of dotcom companies using neural network-genetic programming hybridsRavisankar, P; Ravi, V; Bose, I2010125
Fairness Judgment in Marketing Channels: An Alternative Paradigm'Tse, DKC2005165
Family Networks, Corporate Governance, and Economic Performance in East AsiaWong, RYC200185
A fast procedure for computing the total system cost of an appointment schedule for medical and kindred facilitiesLau, HS; Lau, AHL200060
Fast Track Up the Corporate Ladder: Do External Recruits Have a Competitive Edge in Promotion Tournaments?Chan, W200475
FDI and technology spillovers in ChinaChang, S; Chung, J; Xu, D2008112
FDI and the Environment: Evidence from ChinaWang, T; Gu, F200991
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