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Babyfaces, trait inferences, and company evaluations in a public relations crisisGorn, GJ; Jiang, Y; Johar, GV2008198
Background risk and the theory of the competitive firm under uncertaintyWong, KP199660
Bad News Is Good News? Tunneling And Propping Evidence From ChinaLiu, Q; Bai, C; Song, FM2006172
Bandwidth Packing For Priority ClassesBose, I200566
Bandwidth packing with priority classesBose, I2009119
Bank failuresTam, Siu-kee.; 譚肇基1998368
Bank financing of industrial projects in the PRCChan, Hin-chung, John.; 陳顯中1989386
Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from ChinaDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z201294
Bank regulation, corporate governance and bank performance around the worldLi, Li; 李莉20091,167
Bank regulation, credit information, and bank cross-border M&AsDong, Hui; 董慧2010481
Banking Development and the Asian Financial Crisis in Hong KongLuk, YF2001105
Banking firm and hedging over the business cycleBroll, U; Wong, KP2010213
Banking Information Success Acceptance: An Empirical EvaluationLiao, Z; Landry, R; Cheung, MT2003129
Banking procyclicality: cross country evidenceWong, Tak-chuen; 黃德存2012484
Banking system in China: performance and challengesLeung, Kin-pang.; 梁健鵬.2004493
Bargaining, bonding, and partial ownershipDasgupta, S; Tao, Z200090
Bargaining, Competition, and Efficient InvestmentChatterjee, K; Chiu, SYW201324
Barriers to Global Electronic Commerce: A Conceptual FrameworkFarhoomand, AF; Tuunaninen, V199667
Barriers to global electronic commerce: A cross-country study of Hong Kong and FinlandFarhoomand, AF; Tuunainen, VK; Yee, LW2000448
Barriers to the Productive Use of ComputersDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF200080
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