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The 2002/03 Budget: A Critical ReviewChing, STF2002168
2006 Hong Kong Economic OutlookSiu, AKF2006156
2007 Hong Kong Economic OutlookSiu, AKF2006147
A 500-W direct peroxide fuel cell for space power systemsLuo, N; Miley, GH; Gu, L; Mather, J; Burton, R; Rusek, J; Holcomb, F200733
A business opportunity in Hong Kong: domestichelp servicesCheng, Yin-lee, Francie.; 鄭燕莉.1992380
A business plan for setting up a necktie specialty shop in Hong KongChan, Shui-yu, Marion.; 陳萃如.1992478
A business strategic plan for a public utility showcaseLeung, Woon-ho, Connie.; 梁煥好.1989328
A case study of a Hong Kong entrepreneurLee, Pui-yin, Michael.; 李沛賢.1989296
A case study of hoe technology is used to create service valueChan, Chun-ying.; 陳俊英.1995270
A case study of Hong Kong--Mainland China joint ventureWong, Kun-ho, Eric.; 黃貫豪1998513
A case study of information system developmentTing, Lap-hing.; 丁立興1993398
A case study of IT outsourcing in Hong Kong governmentLam, Cheuk-yung.; 林卓蓉.1995412
A case study of management information system in Hong Kong Bank: how to gain competitive edgeYan, Hiu-kwan, Andy.; 甄曉君.19965,937
A case study of PC industry strategic allianceYeung, Chung-yun.; 楊鐘仁.1995628
A case study of the computer based information system as adopted by a local building contractor in Hong KongYeung, Shu-yan, Nicolas.; 楊澍人1980288
A case study of the decline of IBM in the context of corporate strategic managementWong, Kai-wa; 黃啓華1994825
A case study of the development of automated teller machines in Hong Kong and its effects on the retail banking habits of Hong Kong peopleCheng, Ching-ho, Raymond.; 鄭澄河.1985289
A case study of tonic food drink marketing strategyPoon, Yuk-lam, Francis.; 潘煜林.1995798
A case study on a Chinese family businessHui, Kwan-wah, Hugo.; 許坤華.1994886
A case study on the application of total quality management in a localgarment manufacturerLam, Chun-choy, Isaacs.; 林俊才.19971,055
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