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A case-study of attitude surveys and their impact on organizational and management developmentLaw, Wai-fun, Margaret.; 羅蕙芬.1989888
A classification of managerial work in South-east AsiaCasey, Terry William.1976213
A commercial bank deposit model and its applications: the case of Thailand, 1965-1974.Karnchanarungroch, Sumalee1978282
A comparative study of job satisfaction patterns of tool makers & executivesTam, Yiu-cho.; 談耀祖.1985195
A comparative study of manpower planning practices in Hong KongMak, Chi-yuen, Anthony.; 麥志遠.1994201
A comparative study of the corporate strategies of the two electricitycompanies in Hong KongHo, Kwok-wing.; 何國榮.1992190
A comparative study of the economic development in Hong Kong and TaiwanChin, Ching-wah, Henry.; 錢淸華.1991296
A comparative study of the influence of country of origin on consumer attitudes: a comparison between Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Hong Kong studentsSung, Wing-yiu, Raymond.; 宋榮耀.1986179
A comparative study of training in the public and private sectors: implications after 1997Wan, Ko-yan, Janet.; 溫高恩.1995170
A comparative study of two public utilitiesNgai, Chun-hung.; 魏駿雄.1987164
A comparison of business strategies between Microsoft and Netscape on the Internet browser marketHo, Lap-hang, Charles.; 何立恒1998200
A comparison of financial performance measures between Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd and Singapore AirlinesChuck, Shuk-fan, Vicky.; 卓淑芬.1996714
A comparison of job motivation for Chinese and Western engineersLeung, Wing-tai, Victor.; 梁永泰1987228
A comparison of the conflict behaviour between the Chinese and Westernsenior executives in Hong KongTang Cheung, Fung-yee, Sara.; 鄧張鳳儀.1985258
A comparison of volatility predictions in the HK stock marketLaw, Ka-chung.; 羅家聰.1999493
A competitive analysis of the Hong Kong tourism industry: a marketing perspectiveTam, Yiu-wing.; 談耀永.1997851
A consultancy report on the organization conflict and suggest ways forconflict resolution by management of organizational change of a Germanbuying office in Hong KongYan, King-sun.; 甄敬燊.1998368
A critical analysis of the current practice and implementation of strategic planning for international companies in Hong KongWat, Yuen-man, Christina.; 屈婉文.1992169
A critical appraisal of the marketing strategy of a Hong Kong retail group: with particular reference to storepositioningMok, Yin-mung, Glenda.; 莫燕夢.1994325
A critical evaluation on the implementation of ISO 9000 in the building industry in Hong KongKwok, Wai-lit, Bernard.; 郭偉烈.1997210
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