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War as a Social-ecological Response to Climate Change in Ancient ChinaZhang, D; Lin, GCS; He, Y2005185
’Warum sind die so chinesisch?’: Dekonstruktionen von Chinesisch-Sein in DeutschlandLeung, MWH200785
Water chemistry in the Kam Tin basin, natural and authropogenic influencesWong, Wing-sze; 黃穎詩2007295
Water resources management and sustainable development: a case study of the three Gorges Dam project at YangtzeRiverLaw, Sau-wah, Kitty.; 羅秀華2003841
Water Resources Management in Dongjiang River BasinLee, FYS200585
Water SupplyPeart, MR199767
Water supply and catchment management in Hong KongPeart, MR; Jayawardena, AW199694
Water supply and the development of Hong KongPeart, MR200489
Weak carbon concern and a soft carbon policy in Hong Kong: a research agendaLee, YS201089
Weather effect on thermal and energy performance of an extensive tropical green roofJim, CY; Peng, LLH2012178
Weather factors in the short-term forecasting of daily ambulance callsWong, FHT; Lai, PC201344
Weather inference and daily demand for emergency ambulance servicesWong, HT; Lai, PC2012101
Weather sensitivity in household appliance energy end-useHart, M; De Dear, R200459
West Rail and the Modal Hierarchy in Hong Kong: Some Preliminary FindingsLoo, BPY; Chan, TH2007127
Wetland Habitat Change in the Shenzhen River Cross-boundary CatchmentCHOI, YK; Ng, CN201226
WG Paper No. 4/20 of 08 January 2002, Working Group on Planting of Bauhinia and Bauhinia FestivalJim, CY2002116
What color is segregation? Changing spatial segregation of Asians: 1980-2000Wong, WSD200313
What is GIS about?Lai, PC199477
What is the Major Reason for Glacier Retreat on Yulong Mountain, ChinaHe, YQ; Zhang, D; Gu, J2003188
What problems do trees face in your city? How can these problems be solved?Jim, CY; Randrup, TB; Chacalo, A1999132
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