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CaCO3 cycles in Salawusu river basin since 150 Ka B.P.Luo, KL; Li, BS; Zhu, YZ; Jin, HL; Zhang, DD; Yan, MC; Li, HX; Yao, CX; Zhang, YH200188
Camping impacts on vegetation and soil in a Hong Kong country parkJim, CY198769
Can telecommunications replace journey to work in Hong Kong?Lo, Yu-ching; 盧宇清2007261
Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Entrepreneurship and the State (Book Review)Lin, GCS2010272
Carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a headwater catchment in Hong KongKong, Shu-piu.; 江樹標.2005274
Carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a Hong Kong drainage basinPeart, MR200377
Carbon and Nitrogen Content of Suspended Matter in a Small Hong Kong Drainage BasinPeart, MR200374
Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Passenger Transport in China since 1949LI, L; Loo, BPY201314
Carbon dioxide emissions from passenger transport in China since 1949: implications for developing sustainable transportLoo, BPY; Li, L201256
Carbon emission right as a new property right: rescue CDM developers in China from 2012Pei, Q; Liu, L; Zhang, DD2013129
Cartographic techniques for communicating class separability: Enhanced choropleth maps of median household income, IowaSun, M; Kronenfeld, BJ; Wong, DW201316
A case study of thermal effects, microclimate conditions, and marathon runnersWONG, PPY; Lai, PC; Hart, M201324
A Case study of Urban Morphological Indicators and Quality of Life, Poster presentationCHEN, S; Lai, PC201324
Casino boom in Macau: exploring casino liberalization's impact on Macau residents' sense of place and theirsatisfaction and support for casino developmentVong, Tze-ngai.; 黃子毅.2012229
The causality analysis of climate change and large-scale human crisisZhang, DD; Lee, HF; Wang, C; Li, B; Pei, Q; Zhang, J; An, Y2011148
Chairman, Session GI1: GIS in health care analysis and managementLai, PC200594
The challenge of peripheral ports: An Asian perspectiveSlack, B; Wang, JJ2002201
Challenges and strategies for greening the compact city of Hong KongTian, Y; Jim, CY; Tao, Y2012246
Challenges facing Hong Kong as an International Logistics HubWang, JJ2008167
Challenges for joint-venture travel companies in the new phase of China's tourism development: a case study ofctripLi, Tingting; 李亭亭2008334
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