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10th Asian Urbanizational Conference, Hong Kong, 16-19 August 2009Jim, CY2009218
137Cs reference site characteristics in Hong Kong - some considerationsRuse, ME; Peart, MR1999102
7th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, San Francisco, July 2001Jim, CY2001100
The 8th International Conference on EcoBalance, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo, 10-12 December 2008Jim, CY2008223
A biogeographical survey of wall vegetation in urban Hong KongChan, Oi-ping.; 陳愛萍.1992379
A case study of build-operate-transfer road project in Hong Kong: Route 3 Country Park SectionLo, Chi-wah, Felix; 盧志華20041,487
A comparative analysis of railway patronage in two metropolitian [i.e.metropolitan] cities: Hong Kong and New YorkCityChan, Tak-hin, Eric.; 陳德軒.2009296
A comparative study of consumption behaviour between Mainland travelers and Japanese travelers in Hong KongKwong, Wai-yam, Vivian.; 鄺蔚音.2004857
A comparative study of financial centres of Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and ShenzhenLao, Qionghua.; 劳琼花.2011247
A comparative study of foreign direct investment in Guangdong and Shanghai since 1990Kwok, Hiu-yan.; 郭曉恩2003510
A comparative study of productivity and efficiency among State-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises in ChinaTang, Yuen-wai, Livia.; 鄧源慧2003327
A comparative study of the business environment in Hong Kong and ShanghaiHo, Sau-man, Catherine.; 何秀雯.2003587
A comparative study of the business environment of Guangzhou and ShanghaiLee, Yin-yi, Joey.; 李燕怡.2004786
A comparative study of the pattern and model of economic development between Dongguan and ShundePoon, Chi-sing.; 潘志誠.2002218
A comparative study of the real estate market in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai: reform, development, andprospectYung, Ka-man.; 翁嘉雯.2004665
A comparative study of the travel behaviour of residents in Shatin andTuen Mun: an activity-based approachWong, Y. P.; 黃玉萍.1999210
A comparative study on the accessibility of high-speed rail in YangtzeRiver Delta, ChinaHe, Jianfeng; 贺剑锋2011188
A comparison of the regulatory framework for public light bus and non-franchised bus in Hong KongWong, Pak-kin; 王伯健2006754
A critical evaluation of public transport policy formulation in Hong KongLo, Sze-yuen, Henri.; 盧思遠.20051,081
A critical review on the planning of cross border vehicular traffic between Hong Kong and ShenzhenCheung, Yu-piu.; 張裕彪.2001233
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