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T'ang poetry in English: a survey and critical study of translations from 1884-1975Hui, Chui-yee, Eleanor.; 許趣怡1981437
Taiwan, Comparison, and Sinophone Literature (keynote speaker)Shih, S201112
Tales of vixen transformation in traditional Chinese "supernatural stories"Lau, Pak-hong.; 劉柏康1996541
Tales of woeSun, Ailing.; 孫愛玲1990398
Tang decadence and the Qi-Liang styleChan, MS1995107
Tang lushi poems: a study of literary conventionsMok, Wing-yin, Rebecca.; 莫詠賢1980628
Tang Poems on the Merits and Demerits of the Building of the Great Wall by Qin Shi HuangTang, CK2002129
Tang Rhapsody and its DevelopmentChan, MS200080
Taoist influences on the drama of the Yuan dynasty, 1279-1368Ho, Sau-lan.; 何秀蘭1985336
Tea in tenth century ChinaLai, Shu Tim.; 黎樹添.1971274
Teach Them to Catch the Essence of PoetryLee, KS200476
Teachers' quality and the teaching of ChineseSi, CM199561
Teachers' quality and the teaching of ChineseSi, CM199691
The Teaching and Study of ShijingLee, KS200078
The teaching and study of ShijingLee, KS199779
Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language At The University Of Hong KongSi, CM2007139
Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language in Hong KongSi, CM200863
Teaching Chinese Language with Reference to Chinese CivilizationLee, KS200273
Teaching Discourse and Orthography to Beginners of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL): A Case Study at the Univerisity of Hong KongMeng, S201255
A Teaching Guide of the Political History of TaiwanHui, CH200181
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