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Qian Daxin's (1728-1804) scholarship on confucian classics and historiographyWong, Kai-wa.; 黃啓華1990489
Qian Zhongshu's (1910-1998) Views on the Preface of Du Yu's (222-284) Collected Explanations of the Text and Commentary of the Chunqiu: an examinationSin, CY1999163
Qing poetry on MingMing, Yau-yau.; 明柔佑.2010611
Qiqiao tushuo and Miscellaneous Studies on the History of TangramLeung, SK; Lung, TY2006116
Qu Yuan in Su Shi's WorksTang, CK2006110
Quality Education and the Teaching of Chinese History in Hong Kong Secondary SchoolsHui, CH1998129
The Quintessence of Chinese CultureSi, CM; To, Y.H; Wo, C.M.2006137
The Quintessence of Chinese Culture, Simplified Characters VersionSi, CM; To, YH; Wo, CM200781
Race and revolution: Blackness in China's long twentieth centuryShih, SM201354
A Re-examination of Dawu in The Eulogies of Zhou Based on Zhougong Zhi Qinwu in the Tsinghua Bamboo ManuscriptsTang, PL20144
A Re-examination of the Pillar-couplet of Hui Shih-ch’i’s (1671-1741) Residence Hung-tou shan-fangHo, KP2007126
Re-orientalizing Chinese silence with Chinese American orientation in Maxine Hong Kingston's The woman warrior.Ng, CYL201131
Re-visioning the ZhuangziLee, Cheuk-hung.; 李焯雄1994246
Reactionaries of the Shijing scholarship in the Qing periodLee, KS199578
Reading Aloud and Recital', the International Symposium on the Teaching of Chinese Language and Culture, organized by the Associacao De Literatura Chinese De Macau, Macau, June 1-2, 2002Si, CM200270
Reading Aloud and Verse SpeakingSi, CM200266
Reading the Story of Ah Q from a Postmodern ViewLai, WY1998103
The Reappointment of Imperial Diarists in the Regin of Emperior Wan-li: A RevisitHo, KP200479
Recipes for migrants: a cultural analysis of the Fujian spring cakeSoo, YC201282
Recipes for Migrants: A Cultural Analysis of the Fujian Spring CakeSoo, YC201219
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