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Zao Wou-kiClarke, DJ1997101
Zen Buddhism in selected works of J.D. SalingerChung, Kwok-wai, Michael.; 鍾國偉.20051,142
Zeng Gong (1019-1083)Chau Chan, Wai-yi.; 鄒陳惠儀2002441
Zeng Guofan's (1811-1872) views on family educationHo, Hon-kuen.; 何漢權.2007521
Zha, Changguo 查昌國, A Study of the Pre-Qin Concepts of “Piety” and “Brotherhood”— And Enquiry of Han and Song Confucianism 先秦「孝」、「友」觀念研究─兼漢宋儒學探索 (Book Review)Tang, SF201243
Zhang Binglin's (1869-1936) assessment of Zhu Junsheng (1788-1858): a reevaluationSin, CY1997134
Zhang Daqian's (1899-1983) place in the history of Chinese paintingLaw, Suk-mun, Sophia.; 羅淑敏.2004372
Zhang Taiyan's (1869-1936) conception of historyLi, Chi-ming.; 李志明.1989311
ZhangJiuLing Academic Research PapersYeung, HWO200980
Zhen Dexiu’s thought on ‘Regulating the family (qijia)’Hui, CH2010127
Zheng Guanying's (1841-1923) ideas of parliamentary reform as expounded in his Shengshi WeiyanFung, Yiu-shing.; 馮耀成.1998615
Zheng Guanying's (1842-1922) ideas of political reformHa, Chi-kwan.; 夏志焜.1999558
Zheng QiaoYeung, Yuk-fung.; 楊玉峰1986350
Zhenguan Zhengyao and Sanchao Baoxun: Inheritance and Exploration of Teaching Materials for Emperorship Learning during the Period of Tang and Song DynastiesHui, CH2001136
Zhengyi de liangmian (The Two Faces of Justice)Ci, J2001115
“Zhongguo Yishu yu yishu lilun zhong de ‘Tiaoli’: Luojie Fulai de xingshi zhuyi meixue (‘Lining’ up Chinese art and art theory: The Formalist aesthetics of Roger Fry)” (delivered in Mandarin)Hammers, RL201294
Zhouyi on Chu Bamboo slipsWong, Chi-keung; 黃志強2007363
Zhu Sheng (1299-1370) and early Ming politics =Mak, Wai-yung.; 麥慧容.2003583
Zhu Xi and His Disciples Do Not Follow the Traditional Interpretation in Their Exegeses of the Book of SongsLee, KS2011118
The Zhu-Wang School and Shijing Scholarship of the Ming PeriodLee, KS199972
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