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Y.M.C.A. chaplains and the Chinese labourers on the Western Front, 1917-1918Cunich, PA2009152
Y.R. Chao and universal Chinese grammarMatthews, SJ1999175
Yamuna KachruLim, LLS201321
Yan (言) Is Not Equivalent to Wo (我) in the ShijingLee, KS2001121
Yan Fu (1854-1921) and the Peking UniversityChan, Lai-choi.; 陳禮財.1999437
Yan Kwai, le defi de la couleur (French translation by Gerard Henry)Clarke, DJ1996106
Yan Song JiHui, CH; Choi, SH201172
Yang Yongtai (1885-1936) and the establishment of the Hubei provincial administrationKoo, Siu-shin.; 古兆千1991489
Yau Lit and the 1911 RevolutionYau Tsang, Ka-lai, Carrie.; 尤曾家麗.2009629
Yazhou dangdai yishu ji qi zai xifangde jiena. Art China(Dangdai yishu)(Shanghai), Vol. 3, No. 3, 2004. P26-8. Translated by Li Zhe. Other Versions have been posted on the web at and http://hk.cl2000.coClarke, DJ2003286
Yearning for a Golden Past: Literati’s Nostalgia for the Wanli Era during the Ming-Qing TransitionHo, KP2005109
Yet what connects those dots: The Slim Rim of Fear in Major Jackson’s HoopsRichards, PK200893
Yi Kwon MuRoberts, PM201044
Yi, Kwon-muRoberts, PM199999
Yi, Kwon-muRoberts, PM200293
Yiddish, quasi-yiddish and ideologies of American EnglishYuen, Hiu-sum.; 袁曉芯.2004602
Yin Yang WuxingWang, A200494
Ying Wa College and the development of Hong Kong’s education – Inspirations from “Sanctuary of excellence: the history of Ying Wa College”Hui, CH2007287
Yoshimoto Takaaki and the globalisationMurakami, F2002271
You could make this clearer: teachers' advice on ESL academic writingHyland, KL; Hyland, F2011113
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