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W.A.P. Martin's missionary activities in China, 1850-1916Shang, Vee-sui, Katherine; 尚維瑞1984370
W.B. Pettus and his contributions to TCSL HistoryChan, YY201178
W.E.B. Du Bois and AsiaLim, Anne Wing-huen.; 林詠萱.2010294
WaWang, A200491
Wagering love between desire and discipline: a study of sexual power in Eric Rohmer's Six moral talesLai, Wai-ting, Thomas.; 黎偉廷.2011273
Wandering the way: a eudaimonistic approach to the ZhuangziFraser, CJ2009135
Wandering the Way: A Eudaimonistic Approach to the Zhuangzi.Fraser, CJ201317
Wang Bi and limitations of the expressive power of languageHo, Siu-kei, Gary.; 何肇基.2009291
Wang Fuzhi's Poetics and His Shijing ScholarshipPoon, JHK200482
Wang Fuzhi's Theories of Poetry and His Studies on The Book of PoetryPoon, JHK2001161
Wang Guowei's application of archaic Chinese phonology'Sin, CY200295
Wang Li Memorial Volumes: English VolumeChinese Language Society of Hong Kong; Ma, M; Chan, YN; Lee, KS198783
Wang Shuo's fiction and popular cultureLam, King-sau.; 林勁秀.2005646
Wang Ting Xiang (1474-1544)Chen, Weiming; 陳偉明1993518
Wang Tung (584-617): 'His Life and Thought'Yeung, HWO1992134
Wang Tung, 584-617Yeung, Wing-on, Henri.; 楊永安1986303
Wang Yuan (1648-1710)Tsui, Man-hon.; 崔文翰.2004351
Wang Zhi's Literary Views Expressed in His ShizongwenLee, KS199479
Wang Zhi's Shizongwen: A preliminary studyLee, KS199688
Wang, Empress DowagerChan, WM201075
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