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Uemura Yoshiaki (1912-1973), Shimizu Sakae (1915-2003) and Japan’s Wartime Nuclear Program in KyotoFung, KW2008103
Ugly ladies in the Tale of GenjiMurakami, F2008152
The Ultimate Source: Expressing Double Object and Serial Verb Benefactive Constructions in Hong Kong ChineseBodomo, AB; Lam, SCO; Yu, SS200391
Un canon oublié ? Wu Mansha, le Périodique Vent et Lune et la littérature populaire à Taiwan sous l’occupation japonaiseLin, PY201124
Un exemple de recherche action à Hong Kong sur les compétences interculturelles en mobilité académiqueMartinez, VJ201242
(Un)making Chineseness: gender and cultural politics in Clara Law's filmsLam, Shue-fung.; 林澍峰.2006471
Un-masking Shanghai: History, Memory And Cosmopolitics in Wang Anyi's "Moonstruck" (Yuese liao ren, 2008)Yee, WLM201280
Unbalanced bilingual acquisition as a mechanism of grammatical changeMatthews, S; Yip, V2011179
Unbiased group-wise image registration: Applications in brain fiber tract atlas construction and functional connectivity analysisGeng, X; Gu, H; Shin, W; Ross, TJ; Yang, Y201183
The Uncanny on the FrameCheung, EMK201325
Uncanny perceptions of urban space in painting and film: a comparison of the works of Edward Hopper and Wong Kar-waiChan, K. K., Kylie C.; 陳琪琪2007613
The uncertain state of islands: National identity and the discourse of islands in nineteenth-century Britain and GreecePeckham, RS200358
Uncivil Society, or, Orientalism and Tiananmen, 1989Vukovich, DF2009255
Undergraduate understandings: stance and voice in Final Year ReportsHyland, KL201235
Underpinning the Anglo-American Alliance: The Council on Foreign Relations and Britain Between the WarsRoberts, PM200165
Understanding and Managing Jiaoqi (腳氣) in Colonial Asia ca 1850-1940Leung, AKC201085
Understanding Japanese animation: from Miyazaki and Takahata animeHu, Tze-yue, Gigi.2002347
Understanding Management Philosophy as Hegemony or Ideology, Or, the First Step Toward Business AnthropologyWong, DHW201329
Understanding perceptions of accent and identity: a case study of the use of English among Hong Kong university studentsSung, MCC201283
Understanding the social security system for aging population inChina: a case study of BeijingMan, Huen-pok.; 文萱博.2011303
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