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T'ang poetry in English: a survey and critical study of translations from 1884-1975Hui, Chui-yee, Eleanor.; 許趣怡1981439
T'ao Tsung-i and his Cho-ke��ng-luLau, Sai-chan.; 劉世燦.1987478
T.S. Eliot and musicPerito, Carl C.2003359
Taft, Robert A.Roberts, PM199994
Taft, Robert A.Roberts, PM200288
Tag questions in Hong Kong English: a corpus-based studyWong, MLY2007198
Taiwan's propaganda activities in the United States, 1971-1979Wang, Chongyuan.; 王重圆.201382
Taiwan, Comparison, and Sinophone Literature (keynote speaker)Shih, S201113
Taiwanese Triads in the Transnational Imagination: MAHJONG and GOODBYE SOUTH, GOODBYEMarchetti, G2004142
Takaki, RonaldRoberts, PM199997
Taki Love his fans', 'No, Taki Loves Me!': An Anthropological Study of the Female Fans of Takizawa Hideaki in Hong KongWong, HW2007107
Taking people seriously: a case study of Japanese adult videos in Hong Kong' (a joint paper with H.Y. Yau)Wong, HW2002101
Taking the reasons for human rights seriouslyCi, J2005245
Taking the Reasons for Human Rights Seriously (in China)Ci, J2003119
A tale of two genres: Narrative structure in students’ scientific writingHafner, C; Miller, L; Ng, CKF201351
A tale of two scrolls: manuscript Tky, Tky Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan TB1393 and manuscript Hikone, Hikone-j Hakubutsukan V633Yang, Y200896
Tales of Courtship: Encountering the MongolsHammers, RL2009114
Tales of vixen transformation in traditional Chinese "supernatural stories"Lau, Pak-hong.; 劉柏康1996541
Tales of woeSun, Ailing.; 孫愛玲1990398
Talk and silence in The InterrogationJaworski, A1998139
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