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Sabayoning the City (in Chinese)Cheung, EMK200583
Saboteurs of Empire: Edgar J. Tarr, the Canadian Institute of Interntional Affairs, and the 1942 Mont Tremblant ConferenceRoberts, P201262
Sacrificial Cain in the modern workplaceLee, Keon-woong.2005390
Sadao Asada. (2006). From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United StatesSchencking, JC2008300
Saint Catherine of Alexandria's marriage to the adult Christ in two Burgundian manuscriptsMuir, CD200948
Saintly Brides and Bridegrooms: The Mystic Marriage in Northern Renaissance ArtMuir, CD201293
Saints and sirens: how popular culture creates female iconsJones, Allison.1998484
Saivism in Indonesia during the Hindu-Javanese periodGhose, Rajeshwari.1966358
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM200074
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM199869
Samuel Wells Williams, printer: opening the Treaty Ports and closing the Chinese Repository (1832-1851)Johnson, KA201180
Sanchao Baoxun (Valuable Teachings of Three Reigns) and Jingwo Guanjian (Observations and Opinions Made in the Course of Imperial Teaching): A Discourse on the thoughts of emulating ancestors in Song's Emperorship LearningHui, CH1997157
Sanchao Baoxun (Valuable Teachings of Three Reigns) and Jingwo Guanjian(Observations and Opinions Made in the Course of Imperial Teaching): The Educational Values of the Teaching Materials for Emperorship Learning in the Song Dynasty”Hui, CH200293
SaseboRoberts, PM199976
Sasebo, JapanRoberts, PM201070
Saul Bellow's fiction: power relations and female representationLiu, Wensong.; 劉文松2001329
Saussure's notion of the arbitrary nature of the sign, with special reference to orthographyKwok, Wai-ling, Polly.; 郭慧玲1997378
Saving 'the Age of Innocence': Catholicism, Revolution and representations of childhood in France, 1762-1830Handa, Satoko.2008265
Saving penalties, scoring penaltiesSavelsbergh, G; Versloot, O; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ201056
Saying as Action: Philosophy of Language in the ZhuangziSUZUKI, Y201319
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