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P'yongyangRoberts, PM199991
The Paderewski Puzzle and the Principle of SubstitutionDeutsch, ME200771
The Paderewski Puzzle and the Principle of SubstitutionDeutsch, M201193
The Paderewski Puzzle and the Principle of Substitution (Winner of Griffiths Prize for Best Junior Faculty Paper)Deutsch, ME200780
Paek Song UkRoberts, PM201088
Paek, Song-ukRoberts, PM199971
Painting boundaries of sex segregation in Qing China: representing the family in The Red Chamber DreamEdwards, LP201332
Painting in western media in early twentieth century Hong KongLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.1996387
The painting of Yank WongClarke, DJ199598
''Painting the beat of the drum that beats round the world': Lady Elizabeth Butler’s Visual Empire'Kuehn, JC200987
Painting with Words: The Forgotten Dialogue Between Art and LiteratureClarke, DJ199993
Palace Laments of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)Cheng, Wah-tat.; 鄭華達1996426
The Pancreas abd Late Qing medicineChan, MS200892
Panel discussion on embedded EMP curriculum and pedagogy for the future. 2011 International Conference of English for Medical Purposes, National Cheng Kung University Medical College, Tainan, Taiwan, FebruaryPao, D; Tse, LK201192
Panic Encabled: Epidemics and the 'Telegraphic World'Peckham, RS201219
Panikkar, Sardar K. M.Roberts, PM201079
Panikkar, Sardar K.M.Roberts, PM199970
Pao Shih-ch'en, 1775-1855Sung, Shee-wu.; 宋叙五1988352
The Paper Trail: Traversing the Boundaries of the Textual and Sexual in Private Papers. Presentation: 'The Uncanny Literary Life of Love Letters in A.S. Byatt's Possession'Sabine, MA2000156
Para/Site Art Space: Installation and Cultural IdentityClarke, DJ200284
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