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Ma Chien-chung and his reformist thoughtTsang, Yun-mui.; 曾潤梅.1987349
Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui: Honkon Jokkikurabu hakubutsu-kan ni kan suru yobi teki koosatsu ['Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui': a preliminary observation of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Museum]Wong, HW2002135
MacArthur, Douglas (1880-1964)Roberts, PM200399
Macau Creole Portuguese and Pidgin Portuguese: a continuum?Li, KLM201327
Macau in Hong Kong filmsWong, Wai-kit.; 黃蔚潔.2000342
Macau Pidgin Portuguese: Evidence from a new sourceLi, M; Matthews, S201272
Macau: a cultural janus in colonial vicissitudesCheng, Christina Miu Bing.; 鄭妙冰1996472
Macau: the port for two republicsSpooner, Paul B.2009930
Mad pursuitZhuang, Rouyu.; 莊柔玉1990392
Madame butterfly and orientalismLi, Chun-hoi, Benjamin.; 李俊海.2000628
Made in AsiaNakano, Y2007111
Made in Hong Kong: ExcerptsCheung, EMK200988
Madness and literature: the desire for freedom and redemptive orderPon, Cynthia.; 潘惠敏1990296
Magic and the great trust: The place of the intellectual in Mark Twain’s and Edward Bellamy’s visions of distant societiesHeim, O199762
‘Magic Islands’: children and childhood in British Colonial contextsPomfret, DM201181
Magic realism and `root-searching' in the works of Mo Yan, Zhaxi Dawa and Han ShaogongYau, Wai-ping.; 邱偉平1996520
The Magician, Chung Ling Soo-- LegendYeung, HWO2002133
The Mahler Symphony Debate: Programme or Absolute?' (article in English & Chinese)Chan, HY200097
Mainland Chinese research postgraduate students' attitudes to using English in an English-medium university in Hong KongYang, Jing; 杨静2012196
Mainland Chinese Students’ English Use in MacaoZHANG, K201318
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