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J sha no nihonjin dansei Chuuzaiin no pawaaporitikkusu' [The power politics among male Japanese expatriates in J company]Wong, HW200299
J.J. Rousseau's Social contract and the emergence of republican ideas in modern China, 1895-1911Lam, Kai-yin.; 林啓彥1984447
Jacob Grimm, Fredrich Pott, August SchleicherHutton, CM1995163
Jalan Leban (music to ‘Lord of the Church’- words by Timothy Dudley-Smith)Chua, DKL2006146
James George Frazer (1854-1941) and Hsu Ti-shan (1893-1941): With Special Reference to Fu ji mi xin di yan jiuFung, KW1998223
James Legge and the Nestorian MonumentChan, MS1997143
Jamieson, ArthurRoberts, PM200078
Jamieson, ArthurRoberts, PM200268
Jan Morris'Smethurst, P200386
Japan as it is: pop culture and dualism of "Real and False Images"Nakano, Y2007157
Japan in China's foreign policy, 1972-1979Tsoi, Fung-lin.; 蔡鳳蓮.1985353
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200292
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000'Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200298
Japan in Hong Kong Newspapers 1962: Cameras, Radios (In Japanese)Ozawa, S; Nakano, Y201230
Japan in the Eyes of the Open-Door Policy Generation (in Chinese)Nakano, Y; Leung, M; Pan, Y; Li, D2002166
Japan in the Shadow of the BomberSchencking, JC201139
Japanese Activities and Transmission of Japanese Books in Hong Kong , 1868-1945Fung, KW2002138
Japanese Activities and Transmission of Japanese Books in Hong Kong, 1868-1945 [Revised and enlarged edition]Fung, KW2005146
The Japanese Adult Video Actress: The Objectification And Silence Of WomenWong, HW; Yau, HY2012645
Japanese Adult Videos, Hong Kong Chinese Reading: Indigenising Japanese Pornographic CultureYau, HY; Wong, HW2008592
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