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Galbraith, John KennethRoberts, PM2010111
Galileo (1564-1642) in East AsiaFung, KW200785
Galileo’s journey to the East: his works and instruments in the world of Chinese charactersFung, KW201150
The Gamelan: The Making of a Musical HeritageMora, M200788
Gaps in the Glosses on Phonetic Loans in the Hanyu dazidian: An Investigation of Seven EntriesSin, CY2006111
Garment, or Upper-garment? A Matter of Interpretation?Ng, ENS201317
Garment, or upper-garment? A matter of interpretation?Ng, ENS201258
Gathering Cultural Knowledge: Useful or Use with CareLouie, KH200596
Gay desire and the politics of spaceShaw, Kwok-wah, Roddy; 邵國華2002565
Gei constructions in Mandarin Chinese and bei constructions in cantonese: A corpus-driven contrastive studyWong, MLY2009169
Gelb, Leslie H.Roberts, PM199874
Gelb, Leslie H.Roberts, PM200086
Gender and a new geopolitics of desire: The seduction of mainland women in Taiwan and Hong Kong mediaShih, SM199830
Gender and Characters: Some Issues on the Design of the Curriculum of Chinese Language at Secondary SchoolLai, WY199880
Gender and crime in postmodern cinemaYu, King-lun, Sunny.; 余經綸.2004421
Gender and gender roles in Virginia WoolfTsang, Ching-man, Irene.; 曾靜雯.2004439
Gender and sexuality in modern Shanghai: Chinese fiction of the early twentieth centuryKong, Wai-ping, Judy; 江偉萍2004284
Gender and the "virtue of violence": Creating a new vision of political engagement through the 1911 revolutionEdwards, L; Zhou, L201168
Gender benders: the kabuki onnagata heroines as performers of femininityHo, Tze-kwan, Helen.; 何紫君.1996668
Gender differences in learning English writing in Hong KongNg, Sau-ling; 吳秀玲2010581
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