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Dagaare. In Garry, Jane. et al.(eds).Bodomo, AB2000117
Dagaare: Languages of the World Materials No. 165.Bodomo, AB2000103
DaieiWong, HW200299
Daily Conversations in Japanese. Book TwoChan, CY1995102
Daily Life as Seen in Su Dongpo's Poetry, as Compared to Poetry by Tao Qian and Bai JuyiLai, WY2004145
Daily life in the Sung capitals as reflected in the Hua-pen of the Sung, Yuan and Ming periodsPong, Tak-san; 龐德新1971522
Dali and the Song-Mongolian warLeung, Yung; 梁勇2001443
Damage: a logic of evilCristaudo, WA200596
'Damage: A Logic of Evil'Cristaudo, WA200595
Dance sculpture as a visual motif of the sacred and the secular: a comparative study of the BelurCennakesava and the Halebidu Hoysalesvara templesRamaswami, Siri.2000519
Dangerous liaisons: race, gender and prostitution in early Colonial Hong KongTsang, CCL201165
The Dangers of Power. Historical Analogies between Imperial Germany and Contemporary China?Vogt, CR201173
Daniel Defoe'Smethurst, P2003112
Daoism and the Chaoyuan SongsChan, MS; Law, YM1997130
A Daoist FlorilegiumChan, MS; Lee, C.Y200298
Daoist influence on Zheng Guanying's (1842-1922)thought =Kwong, Ming-wai.; 鄺明威.2007441
The Dark Face of Nationalism: Violence, Extremism and the Nation: An IntroductionTeo, VEL2007100
'The Dark Heart of the Family Romance in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution (2007)'Sabine, MA2009111
The Dark Investigator: Holmes into ChallengerKerr, DWF201315
"Dark spot" in the picturesque: The aesthetics of polygenism and Henry James's "a landscape-painter"Johnson, K200252
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